Hoverboard / Swegway / Monorover / Scooter Thingy Review

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I bought mine on eBay for 250$ and free shipping

Trisha T says:

100,000 SUBSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Nouwenss says:

Bol.com 285 and next day delivery

Booqt says:


Emin Kumsuz says:

Guys is gearbest reliable because I am considering to buy one from that website?

Small Fraction says:

lol matt fell flamingo

Shift Team says:

im thinking of buying one from gearbest but i am worried will i get scammed? and if i do order can i choose my own color?

oPrixr says:

Hey swashin, I ordered my Smart Balance Wheel off GearBest and the order processed, but they want a pic of my CC and a pic of my ID. Is this normal for overseas shipping? Is it a scam? Anyone reading this, plz help.

khan pathan says:

Yo i ordered a mini segway from gearbest on the 11 november and they have still not shipped it… I contacted them and they said that they dont have it in stock so i needed to wait 7-15 more days… I’m waiting one more week and if they dont ship im going to open a paypal dispute on them to get my money back

Bryan says:

How long did it take to ship ?

Ate Bit Legend says:

i got mine brand new for 150 dollars on ebay and i have had it for months with no malfunctions

RedSheepy says:


Weerbuy.com store says:

not bad

Mehul Sreenivas says:

Does this one catch fire

Chris Grubbs says:

Gearbest is a fraudulent company and I can say this with 100% certainty. I ordered from them over a month ago, I noticed the day after I placed my order they sent it to a wrong address. It’s been a month of me trying to call them, leave voicemails, emails, Facebook messages and they will not return the messages. They are a scam, look at the thousands of complaints on their Facebook page. It doesn’t matter how cheap Gearbest offers stuff because you loose your money when they rip you off and ignore you. The absolute worst customer service possible. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Rachel Ware says:

What types of batteries can get that won’t explode?

Felisha Marie says:

i ordered mine yesterday off wish.com and i got a bag the charger and the balence wheel itself for $230. +free shipping.

Savonte J. says:

I ordered mines last week and it still hasnt shipped out it says “processing ” and I cant get any customer service from gear best 🙁

Mentor Krasniqi says:

kenn a Win this

Insulted Monkeyz says:

lol matt fell flamingo

William Stephenson says:

yo i want a “lambo hoverboard” from gearbeast is this website reliable

Austin Seller says:

How can u trust this website

sebastian arroyo says:

Hi question hope you could respond fast that would help, I’m looking into getting the one you got but the black one from your link. Is the black have the same wheels as your blue one or did debt because I would like to have the black one with the wheels like your Friends. Thank you if you could reply.

Bj Videos says:

I got mine for 269€ with a leather protection on the wheelcover things
At my local store

Philipapost20 S says:


Cliffy Goose says:

lol matt fell

Maya Solomon says:

does this kind ever get hot or sizzle

JayBirdArtz says:

Do GearBest hoverboards blow up??

NitroN_ says:


Ty Reynolds says:

What type of battery does it have

Ovonix says:

Those wheels will catch on fire

Gigi Giraffe says:


sebastian arroyo says:


Lucas says:

U left ur boot open

kswish says:

Gearbest isn’t reliable?

Harambe says:

I just bought a swegway for $120 on an app called geek

Bronte Arnott says:

i got mine from eBay for £200 with free shipping

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