Hoverboard Review – Just a $250 Toy?!

It moves by itself but its really an expensive toy. That is all.
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Dash- The Life says:

Dude, the US banned the type of battery that exploded…

Natasha Francis says:

Not every hover board can catch on fire

Ata yılmaz says:

blue shows scratches too

AlphaCookie says:

This is a shit show.

YOLOitsChris100 says:

Why do sellers and manufacturers call it a hoverboard.

MekhiCarman Carman says:

I getting mine for 210

PvT says:

there isnt automaticly created subtitles in your videos. this is very hard to me understand you

Landen Games44 says:

I just bought one for $145!!

Brad Johnson says:

Waste of MONEY and not to mention I work for an AIRLINE and we have banned all hoverboard’s as carry-on or checked luggage. The lithium batteries can start a fire.

ToumaGames says:


Rabeh Alenazy says:

Hey, MS. I wish I could get into your head and see how it works, cause it’s amazing
thanks for sharing

Khang Nguyen says:

It’s true, The company should really fix the battery and make others babysit em

Luke Farmer says:

I hate when people call these “hoverboards” THEY HAVE WHEELS

Stephanoe Wilks says:

Never rode one but I want too, I don’t think to many people I know have one or has played around wit one including myself

Felicity Auld says:

Really good review. love the ending. !! 🙂

ElFo says:

Hah! I got an unused for 200 dollars! Its up to 250 now tho…

A Guy says:

I hope when a real hoverboard is developed they can still call it a hoverboard.

Hallie Kong says:

My friend has had one of the since it first came out and he still uses it. He loves it and rides it all day long, every day. He will never be uninterested in it and nor will I.

ZekeRDoodle T says:

What are these “friends”

DarthJarJar says:

I need it now

blueknight says:

Whomever 1st called these hover boards is either fucking stupid or a lier. I’m going with fucking stupid lier because they don’t hover.

Callmecamkk says:

Got mine for 600 just came today.. My dad even came over to ride it, it was great

Yasmin Contreras says:

The link works and it’s currently at 209 but can I trust the page

Ian Christopher Luy says:

is it normal to all hoverboard to have a unhinged in the middle when you lift it?

michelle charles says:

great video ,my birthday coming up i am thinking instead of getting something for my self i will get that for my girls they going to love it.

Tornado Sundae says:

I ride mine on the freeway. Who needs a tesla?

Puijela says:

what a expensive toy……

Panic! At The Phantom says:

I got one for £300 lol

macee graber says:

Stop chocking cancer is not funny and ya I now how much it cost but some are more

Ben Heckman says:

I’m buying one that’s four hundred dollars and using it as a toy

Daniellian Gaming says:

Ever since I heard about these things, I have been seeing almost everyone from my neighborhood riding one! I want one so bad!

6Twisted says:

I played on my brothers board (the 10 inch model shown here) for a bit so I thought I’d throw my comments in here.
1. Never pick it up while it’s turned on. Sometimes the wheels can spin and give you rubber burns as my brother found out.
2. There is no battery level indicator, only a red light when the battery is low.
3. There are no rubber crash protectors as standard, resulting in scuffed/dented furniture.
4. It’s fast. The top speed is a fast running pace and as someone who rides a motorbike that still felt plenty fast enough.
5. It’s torquey and if you’re not careful you can spin the wheels leaving skid marks on the kitchen floor, something my brother also found out.
6. It’s heavy, if you plan to carry it anywhere you will need the carry case.
7. It’s deceptively fun and given the 15km+ range useful for small trips to shops ect. I can see these becoming a common part of the future comparable to bicycles given their respectable speed and small size which will only get better as their technology improves.

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