Hoverboard Review! (IO Hawk/Phunkee Duck/Swegway/Monorover)

Hoverboard Review! (IO Hawk/Phunkee Duck/Swegway/Monorover)
I reviewed the coolest new thing that makes the Segway looks stupid!
Swegway: http://bit.ly/1P6ZXdY

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Nathan Suh says:

this video was made on my birthday!!!

Tolulope Fasusi says:

He trashed his hover board look at the top of the wheels

Korbin Vlogs says:

My hover can go 20 mph

DrobZ says:

Mine died really far from my house so i had to carry it for like 40 minutes

Nathan and Jamie says:

You can put it in beginner mode you imbecile. Then the turning problem is gone.

Klinta Kupce says:

Also you look like an idiot riding it.

Diamond Gamer says:

I have 1000 money

Michael Esposito says:

We have the same last name!!!!!


My goes 15 kilometres per hour

Joe Jac says:


Courtney and Rhett gaming and more Cannon says:

Do virtual reality on a hover board

Kate Madden says:

How do you get it to stop? Do you have to get off every time you want to stop?!

Destroyer Dude says:

666k veiws

Hawkguitars says:

Don’t these catch on fire


It is fine I have the gold one it is easy once u know how to ride it but when I got it I had red legs but now I am a master

LProductions says:

I have the swagtron t3 its matte so the scratches aren’t as noticeable, its certified so it won’t explode, it has a long battery life, it charges within a few hours, and it can go up to 12 miles an hour

Rita Aghajani says:

I got a chrome hoverboard it dosnt scratch

Riley Ann Sunshine says:


Chloe Heron says:

I like it

ramon mezaa says:

Did it explode

Courtney Bennnett says:

I feel like this guy is lying the hover boards are the best

TheVestSide says:

Get a case for it

KOS Andy says:


gotta says:

0:56 voice crack haha

j00d says:

i want that shirt

ernesto idracip says:

thanks for the complete review! It’s the best I found online… I’ve changed my mind and I found answers to my concerns like the speed, the weight and so on..

Hi Hi says:

What brand is that??

skateboardingand tech says:

I’m getting one of the things


this dude is a white collar little bitch because he can’t even carry a swagway

Zachary Goldman says:

DID HE BUY TWO OF THEM! If you look in the video he has a black and red one

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