HoverBoard Review

Another dull and boring video – but it is a review. If you want my ins and outs of this board and some quick tips and are willing to sit through 10 mins of monotone voice and lots of ” ugh”‘s – This is the video for you!!!


M - Hop says:

honestly this is the only hoverboard review I sat through the whole thing lol. awesome. mine is coming in 2 weeks or so

R Ziqry says:

Best hoverboard review I’ve seen.. Great work man and thanks a lot!! Which one did you buy from alibaba because there’s different types on the website..

Matthew says:

2 for $150? Did I hear that correctly? Where can I get that deal? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just very interested.

Swoholo says:

nice video keep up the good work 🙂

Shaqaman says:

Is this THE hoverboard all the youtubers probably have too?
If yes, I’m gonna buy it!

Anthony OBrien says:

was yours $200 or the $2000 one? and where did you buy it from

Matt M says:

you ordered this from alibaba?

Benji says:

You deserve more subs, good video man!

Poly Goner says:


Jiaonny Jale K'pryce says:

This brand of hoverboard is YKS ?

Daggurs says:


SoDaRage. says:


Rocketminion 21 says:

I’m getting mine tomorrow but is it true that they can explode?

I Love Pie says:

Do you think it’s safer to buy these off Amazon?

Salma Ahmed says:

How much did that cost?

Eric Tappan says:

I have one, love it but is there anyway to cover the scratches??

Jonas says:

Do you have the link where you bought it and which seller?

Tony Roumi says:

You would be much more successful if you worked on your speaking. First of all don’t be afraid of silence, instead of saying uh, don’t say anything and think about what you’re going to say next. You get distracted very easily, focus on one thing and one thing only. You have the potential to be a successful Youtuber just work on some things. Good Luck

Thomas' Phone says:

You could also get a reliable one here http://www.skque.com

DMOGUL says:

Wow those were some nice SOCKS

Go Subscribe To Fine says:

Is the truck a ford ?

Carlo says:

I ordered mine, the cheaper one, people wanna call it the knock off or whatever but I think the same one as yours, Do you notice any decrease in speed or performance from the motor over time?

Ava Toy Show review channel says:

Awesome but high speed sounds a bit scary

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