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Koolsterzz Lost says:

Can i please have your bat board please im poor and ive wanted a hoverboard sisce it came out but my parents said ist too ecpensive and we cant afford it

Yolo Games says:

Ur close to 1 mil I will sub

Lo N Slo says:

You look like you’re about to dump bricks the way you’re riding that thing

Envy YT says:

Used promo code for hover board! Thanks!

Brooklyn t guy says:

anko8aug says:

You are Stupid And Ignorant

Corri Watts says:

I just bought an off road one in white camo i did an unboxing of it go check it out if you’d like.

C Anon says:

it says offroad but really it cant go through grass? dawg sheet.

George GP says:

Men really the hoverboard are the past stop buying that shit.

Cris Palarca says:

How much the price

anko8aug says:


Ricky Rivera says:

Rubber sucks on a hoverboard just saying

Ron J says:

Thick leaves- bra.

Atlotliswe Nthoba says:

dude ur so rich

Jake Hallman says:

elite shot i need help when i typed in the promo code and it said already activated and 20 dollars off.plzzzzzzzzz help and reply

Dem bearz Man says:

…I meant to say soos,notsolos

Sore Caroline says:

Give me the bat wings ……

Lariah Rhae Shep says:

I have the swagtron t6 pink Camo one off-road

That.Girl.Randi says:

i sure was about to ride it outside

hrazi lyes says:


Jayden Esquivel says:

I wish I had a hoverboard like that

Brayden Kirk says:

No du its for offroad dunbass

Dem bearz Man says:

This guy kinda sounds like solos from gravity falls,especially when he says dood

C Anon says:

now they are $200…..

KevinGamePlayz says:

This code is fake because it only takes 20£ off

Nazeaver Ali-Raines says:

Are these 8.5″ ones better off road than 10″ wheel ones?

Sean 'sweet' Johnson says:

Would you recommend this over the 10 inch wheel off-road ones, thanks.

γιολο νηγγα says:


Dalton Gonzalez says:

Just bought Mars 1 its amazing but other then the fact that one little piece that just supports the fender broke other then that it’s a great board thanks for the great review!!!

Dario S says:

Nice one. Also, I like the new DRIFT X off road, looks supercool, check it out here http://hoverboard.la/the-2018-drift-x-by-vecaro/

Fabio Crazy Adventures says:

I tired to off-road on fake hooverboard, and failed miserably !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imSHpE_U8t8

praystation says:

Don’t be proud. All of these boards are a copy of the hovertrax made by inventist (they leased the right to manufacture these to razor).

Adam O leary says:

I have one

dstellman 69 says:

Swagtron t6 off road all terrain is what i have but this board is cool love the case.

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