Hoverboard Flex Review, Self-Balancing Scooter, Smart Balance Wheel 2016 [ NEW ]

Get it: https://smart-balancewheel.com

Hoverboard Flex is the new 6.5″ hoverboard for sale, the material is TPU + ABS, ,TPU is very flexible. fireproof, crack proof, scratch proof. So you don’t need worry about the hoverboard catching fire any more.

Hoverboard Flex is a great innovation of smart balance wheel, self-balancing scooter.

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سيد الاسود says:


SquishyPanda says:

is the battery the type that doesnt explode. and what type of battery is it

laiba rizvi says:

I could use a hover board my legs often hurt

Rosalind Walker says:

When will the new FLEX design be offered in 8″ models and in different colors?

eddie höök says:

Hey! Is it free shipping to Sweden and can you do spin in cramped places? Like in the what model should I buy video you spinned in circles without going forward is that possible? And battery life how many hours does it last?




pls unbox 10 inch

Joey duan says:


eddie höök says:

Are you the manufacturer for this board?

AzZip says:


SquishyPanda says:

whats the app again i cant find it

Kevin Alexander says:

Which hoverboard should i get the normal hoverboard or the 8 inch lambo hoverboard which one should i buy

AzZip says:

Can I get the Lamborghini in Shanghai?

oude westen says:


Sub to me 1M says:

make a hoverboard the is powered by 9 volt batteries the I would buy it. LOL

tylerf says:

Hey, I applied to review this product on Tomoson. Please check my application!

Neelu Tadisetty says:


Is there a giveaway of these hoverboards?

I would like to review one from japan! 🙂

Thank you!

AzZip says:

Can I just search up that app on App Store?

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