HOVERBOARD 3 Months Later – Review, Demo, and Which Hoverboard to Buy!

Hey! Today I’ll be showing you guys my Hoverboard after three months of consistent use! This video is to give you an idea of the average wear-and-tear your hoverboard/swegway/two-wheel self-balancing scooter will experience. If you enjoy this video make sure to check out my other content and subscribe!

Buy Here – http://radicalmotiontechnologies.com/Archtype-Marine-Blue?tracking=5606f395443f5

Unboxing My Hoverboard – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtxE_8sytTk

Song: Ahrix – Nova

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_ _blot says:

Great Channel, Professional Commentary and Review. How do you only have 12K subscribers

LizardCookie says:

Is it 6.5 inch

RockyGrenade says:

You gotta stand so stiff on it. LOL. When are film makers gonna equip zombies with one of those?

Christopher Garza says:

I really like this video because my mom’s gonna buy me one for my birthday and this video tells u a lot about it, and I just wanted to know how fast it goes

NickModz says:

I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and has a ton of scratches and a piece of the front cracked of but I love it

Axial Gamer says:

I might get one of these now

Somewhere between 10 and 45 says:

1:00 look in the middle he already bent it

Ty Reynolds says:

Like what brand

Nolan Kayton says:

hey man you should get a case or a cover all of them will look like there gone!

Carter Sloop says:

song ahrix nova

Santos Jimenez says:

how do u restart your hoverboard

Santos Jimenez says:

how do u restart your hoverboard

FortniteToTheMax says:

I just bought the one u have the great thing is it’s only 300$! From the website u gave thanks ur video convinced my parents

Arturo e says:

plz, to the ones like you that think that those things catch fire, the number of chinese hoverborads that explode is much more less than the number of the chinese phones, so the problem is not chargin it, the problem is buying a shitty cuality battery

MadMax05 says:

Your Chanel is great

Alan Waites says:

not band youtube

Ty Reynolds says:

What’s it called?

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