Hover Board unboxing & Review

Just got my new Hoverboard/eRover thing, lol. Here’s the unboxing! Please leave a like & comment.


Jakoob da bruh says:

Cool board

Sami Mawdha says:


Breana Nicole says:

U dont need ur arms. U control it with your feet

Emily Bressman says:

where do u get yours

VoLt Gamer says:

at 5:15 the red ring is on it.

Chumpy72 says:

dude i’m riding mine with a broken wrist- just fall on ur shoulder

Ashton Cloete says:

What happened to your finger

Violet Emery says:

You don’t need your finger to ride a hoverboard

I_LoveDielochis_Forever Prix says:

I can drive it so 15-30 min. Why do you not can it so!?!?!

Eman! says:

Where did u get it from

awesome guy says:

Dude what happened 2 ur finger?

Ellie Canny says:

Stop whining about your finger we don’t want to see that. Stop being a bitch and get on with it.

VoLt Gamer says:

did u see the red ring omg

Nuketown Zombies Gaming Pro says:

Why did you buy this howerboard? Just why you can’t even drive

XxAtol pixelsxX says:

That is the exact same one I got

Kaiden The Amazing SpiderMan says:

How did he hurt his finger?


you know that knife is worth $2000

Krazy Jelly says:

You shouldn’t have charged it! The Segway comes fully charged, remember if you over charge it, the Segway could catch on fire, so next time don’t charge it even if it’s half way dead, only if its 100% dead for 2 – 3 hours, no more time. Just telling you.

DaishaChristie Vlogs says:

you are suppose to step backwards to get of the hoverboard liquidc0ke

mali says:

I got my hoverboard for 250 Samsung battery. :3

Donald Trump says:

Were did he get it

Faze tornadezzz 11 says:

I got my hoverboard within two days

Nuketown Zombies Gaming Pro says:

I would rather buy the same one

lariah pritchard says:

can I git your hoverboard

Ashley Gregory says:

You don’t know how to ride a hoverboard bring it to me

miguelito martinez says:

I have the same one

Elle Retzlaff says:

where did u get it and for how much

Rj Fergus says:


Isabella Armstrong says:

i ordered mine today in morning and mines from chine maryland so how long will take?

VoLt Gamer says:

on the hoverboard

codyscottage says:

What’s the weight limit on it?

Energy JkDaay says:

Where did u get the board from

William Debaun says:


XxAtol pixelsxX says:

That is the exact same one I got

Miss K3lcix says:

you can use ur other hand

Stewart Campbell says:

cool segway

Sami Mawdha says:

Love l

shawn hollis says:

hes such a pussy

Rachel Parker says:

Look at that knife

ToXic _Shock says:

Liquid coke your videos are awesome

Rj Fergus says:


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