Hover Board Review JetsonV6

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Carlos Rico says:

Can somebody help me out I bought one and only one speaker works when playing music. Is that how it’s suppose to be?

Brady Sucks At Algebra says:

On the box of my jetson V5, it says that the app is compatible, but when my sister and I try to connect, it doesn’t. the Blutooth is on and, connected. It plays music also, so we know that the Blutooth is working.

just do it Hannan says:

which app?


What is the app called

Gypsy Kboy says:

How fast could it go

Jazmin Orozco says:

I have the same one but V5 and its blue and mine has green stripes also mine is 22 pounds

Haresh Vataliya says:

I got 3

notalota sneakers says:

I just got this for christmas its great

Julian Bushrey says:

I went ten miles per hour and hit a bump and sprained my rist I can only control it inside but outside I can’t

Aidan Deleon says:

What is the app called

Younes El RHAFRI says:

pls what’s the app ??

ZeroChill Ace says:

I always wanted one to! My parents won’t let me get one ):

Jef fy says:

did it come charged?

Eric Edward Jones says:

Nathan Harris and Liam Spencer say that this video sucks

Master Meat loaf says:

When you get famous can you give me one

Taylor And evan says:

I just got one today and I went 12 miles and hour and I fell while my brothers were outside and they and me were laughing so hard

Hi Juan says:

Hoverboards are still awesome and cool

Andy Pineda says:

how can you connect to app with the hover?. can’t get it to connect

Emanuel Gaming says:

I got one yesterday cus of Black Friday!!

Jackson Maguire says:

I just got this for Christmas

Tajia Anderson says:

how to work the hover board light went bo the red mean

Drop It says:

I’m getting that for Christmas

Daisy Doodle123 says:

They have 3 colors black,white and red I got mine for Christmas but they got it from target

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