Hands Free Segway thing for $200

I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THIS SELLER NOR IS THIS ANYTHING I GET PAID OR A COMMISSION FOR BUT [PEOPLE KEEP ASKING. THIS IS WHERE I GOT MINE FROM – on Amazon for $403 http://www.amazon.com/MonoRover-Electric-Unicycle-Scooter-Balancing/dp/B00SIOZY6A/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1434488297&sr=1-1&keywords=monorover+2

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ᕼs Studio says:

Why don’t u do advence

Shad0z says:

You should get a ninebot mini pro its like a hoverboard v2 or a mini segway look it up

ItsCourtneyx says:

If you have an account on eBay it’s very safe to buy things

Minecraft gaming says:

I’ve gotten scammed by buying a hoverboard it came what’s the wrong charger

Mason 360 says:

And 7 days later he stops riding it and switches to the boosted board

Beastyfan101 XD says:

Hands free Segway thing lol

nicoBeatz says:

What brand is this

Evie And me says:

In Smyths (a toy shop in Britain) there’s a red one and it’s £200


clarence bahadourian says:

Those are so expensive on amazon you can buy any hover board their all really good I got mine for 131$ it’s Bluetooth water resistant led lights everywhere comes with charger and bag get the hover board you want

Siddharth M says:

I git it for 300 hundred dollars

Abel Ambriz 2 says:


Kieran Solomon says:

can I have one Casey

infinite savage says:

They sell these thing at walmart for 200

Steven Zhang says:

Sometimes when I watch you recklessly open things, I suspect you’re the genius behind how to basic

marinus ingebredsen says:

you drank bear not water.

Velo says:

So he just previewed dropshipping to everyone in 2015..well done^^

Stefan Vieregg M.A. says:

Hi Casey, today you can get this E-Hoverboards for 100 $! In Germany we have the little problem, that we aren’t allowed to use it on the street or nearby, no biycyle ways, nothing. Only on field ways or private room. You will get a fine (about which sum I don’t know, maybe 100 EUR or more and 1 point for driving offending). I hope the segways will get cheaper. they are allowed with insurance shield.

Alex Marquez says:

I got mine for $150 at Walmart and it works perfect

R. says:

Is Carly Kloss a Taylor Swift knockoff?

Jin Luncheonmeats says:

Was this his first Tech Review?

mtnbkr75 says:

I love that Casey is prepaired for everything

drone flyer69 says:

I can remember when it was selling at the mall for 500. Now 3 years later buy them used 50-100

Edward Cameron says:

To address the ‘how to not get scammed’ segment. Casey doesn’t really understand how products are made in china. Essentially the copyright laws in certain parts of China aren’t enforced, the government turns a blind eye, anyone can copy any other product, and this is really good for innovation because whoever makes a product cheapest, or whoever makes the best version of a product wins costumers, so it really motivates factorys to either produce the best product or the cheapest product.
So while it might appear that there is only one version of these boards, there isnt, multiple companies produce a copy of a popular product. In the same way there isn’t one company producing fidget spinners, because they are so popular and so many people want them, it can be quite lucrative for a company to produce them.
The thing is, there were companies who originally made this innovative product, and it was genuinely very expensive. But then other companies spent nothing on development and just copied the product and were able to use cheaper components and mass produce it to bring the price down. So the cheaper ones are lower quality, and the expensive ones maybe better quality but they aren’t sold by scam artists.

Caitlin's Family Vlogs says:

No dollar pizza Casey! I believe in you

Japs Comedy Club says:

U can get it for 150 now

Simone Ross says:

i won’t that hoverboard

John France says:

Loves a good angle bracket does Casey

M CAT says:

Hover boards are illegal and banned in NYC I believe. Certainly not though when this video was shot in 2015.. Ridiculously dangerous, thank goodness they are illegal…

Lais Yasmim silva souza says:

ei amo overborde adoro

prakhar nagpal says:

Casey I just have to tell you man I am impressed with the way you approach a video

pvcollectives says:

You had it for a week?!!! It looks destroyed.

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