HALO BOARD ROVER X Hoverboard Review – (Street, Hill, Grass, Ride Test)

Enjoy my full review of the new Halo Board Rover X Hoverboard.
Get it here http://bit.ly/2B3muIx


Jordan B Waugh says:

Possibility improve one speaker ditch the rest and put head lights LED on rain storms can pop up anytime

John Galvin says:

Very informative, thanks

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Really good review. Sadly ‘hoverboards’ and I do not get on. The furthest I have ever travlled is about 9 feet. Or at least that is as far as my head travelled and I’m 6ft tall 😀
It was nice to see a professional rider at the end 🙂

atreyu5225 says:

Electric longboards my man! So much fun! Ever ridden one?

rustler08 says:

RIP ankles


Thanks for the review

RCing inSC says:

I was waiting for you to get pulled over and get a ticket for distracted driving. Lol.

PugstenTheGamer says:

Also what did you use to record your phones screen and what camera do you use

Pigletsandbacon says:

Thanks for the review! As I suspected, most of these boards aren’t really good for ‘offroad’ It’s nice though to have larger wheels and be slightly higher off the ground for mix terrain.

Scoot Roter says:

Pretty co0ol! Thanks Dustin!

John Salt says:

I bet u dont get on it lol

Canadian Drone Network says:

Very nice review and demo  like 20

Splitchest 95 says:

I’m glad there was a trained professional to show dad how it is to be rode. Makes it look so easy with her abilities.

Doodle Bop- Drone Adventures says:

Really enjoy your Channel, man. Do you ever review drones you really dislike?
Anyway, you rock, dude!

Devon C says:

Can you get a “Distracted driving” ticket with the phone in use while ripping?

SANDY TV says:

Mast hai.

Michael Lombardo says:

It’s cool when your daughter makes cameos in your videos.

allen schmitz says:

It git’s a 10 from me for NERD FACTOR.

Jordan B Waugh says:

If you wanht screen not to shut off i believe all u have to do is program sleep screen is off im a biker mtn & bmx i always shatter skateboards so not into them but please message the company and advize for adults only if you are looking at cell almost as if texting while driving for youths adults know to keep it up so its like looking at speedometer

ForTrei says:

WTF the chacis is copied from robbo hammer 3.0

Bobby Fillettcky says:

Looks that works good even on more rough terrains. (Y)

The SynDRONE Effect says:

Hey buddy question ? If u dont use a cell phone like me 🙂 does it still pay for someone like me to buy one ?
These things got such a bad rap in NYC its insane! I have the ecorecoscooter L5 Plus on my channel. It zooms 25mph

sirhilsam says:

Nice hoverboard and great review. It was good to see the weight transition. Your daughter’s a pro on it.

Jordan B Waugh says:

Spit typo want

Switch Geek says:

That’s pretty sweet!! I also like One Republic.

jason stewart says:

Pretty cool. Good choice of music btw

fhardlie rahman says:

Nice review Dustin, just curious when do you going to review GDU 02 drone?

Raymond Millwood says:

Great review

mrguitman99 says:

Not bad! Great Stuff

storm3016 says:

I must say I’m a little disappointed; I expected an actual hoverboard like in Back To The Future, lol. Cool review nevertheless, price is a bit to steep for my liking for such a toy though. Still waiting for the prices on electric skateboards to come down a bit, or until we can buy an actual hoverboard of course 😉

PugstenTheGamer says:

Bro I got a halo board and I’m thinking about reviewing a halo rover x what u think

MrComfyAustralia says:

Awesome mate, bet your daughter loves it…. After mowing the yard
, and you can keep track of her lol

Robert Leal says:

Use the Caffeine app on Android to keep screen on

FarNorth says:

Good review although I hope now we don’t have people zipping around on those things while looking at their phones instead of where they are going.

Robert Leal says:

Sandles and fear , not a good combination with those. Don’t think it’s the power of the motor.

Alan says:

Definitely enjoyed the review!! Excellent video Dustin!!

Nicholas Parreco says:

Your wearing flip flops and it’s snowing as I watch this.

ripping j says:

Nice review dustin, I’m 200 to, I’m sure I would fall hard on that lol

tedcharp says:

I busted my butt on one of these. The only thing I can ride is the hoveround. Great review Dustin thanks

Alexis Lechevalier says:

Dustin “Crash Master” Dunnill trying an hoverboard with flip flops… Ok, let me grab some popcorn and watch this review… ^^
I’m hoping your professional tester is well rewarded. ^^ Nice review.

SkuStyle says:

Great review Dustin, may purchase one for my daughter, though a big no no holding a phone in hand as it would be snatched & stolen in seconds over here sad to say.

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