Gyroor F1 Hoverboard – Should You Buy One?

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The Gyroor F1 Hoverboard is frankly the only Hoverboard I’ve been willing to have sent over to test. I told them I would only review it if I was actually impressed by it, and I surprisingly was! This board is built like a tank, it’s stable, it has a bluetooth speaker in it that lets you rock your own music while riding, and it’s really fast! The speaker sounds surprisingly good too. I swore off endorsing hoverboards, but this one is staying in my permanent collection of electric boards, and I’ve been having a blast using it!

Pick up the Gyroor F1 Hoverboard here!:
Learn more on their website:

My thoughts are my own; I’d never want to tarnish my name as a tech reviewer by speaking from a biased perspective. If I don’t like a product, I’ll tell you so!

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Colton Richard says:

why call it hover board if it doesnt hover above the ground… dafuq

Yo It's me, Dawg says:

I have the Gyroor Warrior. Thier products are amazing. It seems both hoverboards are the same, but im pretty sure the Warrior is more all terrain compared to the F1, wich seems to be just road.

Issa_bunnyGames Issa says:

Mine just came today

Allen Corbalan says:

Jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes

Tolani Bello says:

how much is the hover biard

Jean-David Claveau says:

Do hoverboards have wheels??

Tushar Bodane says:

please help me to ship this F1 to India. I tried hard by all means, but I got no way out. please help

Alek Kerkesner says:

Instantly subbed in the first 30 seconds

cam shand says:

“it’s a little bit Gimmicky” *petrol engine rev on electric hoverboard* “yeah…” hahahahah love it!

MeFreakz says:

can you please test it with a hoverkart. Im struggeling to brake while riding it after hitting top speed. Please answer!

JTR says:

Like from me.

Farris Creative says:

Great review!

Sona Wang says:


MeFreakz says:

I got mine for 300 dollars

Brady says:

Thank you!

Burke Wills says:

Very good review. I have researched the snot out of hoverboards looking for build quality. LG and Samsung batteries are a must is what I’m hearing. I guess that’s true? Could you PLEASE tell me if there is any difference in the 2.0 version that just appeared recently on Amazon. I emailed the company and they told me they were giving the customer a deal on the yellow one. For no reason. Just out of the kindness of their hearts? I’m skeptical. The 2.0 is $339, and the yellow Gyroor F1 is 299. I’m all about saving 40 bucks but I’ll gladly pay 40 bucks if there’s any upgrades.. I hope you’re one of those you tubers that actually responds. Some guys are so big I know it’s not feasible to even read all the comments much less respond. Either way I feel confident in this my choice now because of your work. Thanks for your time. Please let me know ASAP so I can order it for Christmas. Thank you very much

Brandon Breault says:

Awesome review! Love that it has the built in BT speaker and corny sounds!! Haha

Santiago Castaneda Jr says:

I go on that I fall on my ass lol

Brendan Nelson says:

Sorry kid ur gettin sued 0:58

ben jennings says:

Lol the sound effects are hilarious! Great video as always dude, your detail shot game is perfect. Keep up the good work!

Sebastian Dylag says:

as always, great quality video ! 😀

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