F-wheel iCarbot Hoverboard Scooter – REVIEW

➜ iCarbot: http://amzn.to/2dsFAf9

This is the iCarbot Hoverboard scooter from F-wheel. It’s small, lightweight and portable.
The features I like:
-Semi-easy to learn and ride, kinda similar to the old hoverboards (though turning can be difficult, see below)
-You can remotely control the scooter from your phone or tablet. Could even be used like a remote dolly for your camera shots.
-Clean, minimal, slim design. Easy to carry – fits in a backpack.
-Swappable battery pack design is a nice feature if you’re rolling for miles

Main Specs:
-Scooter weight: 12 lbs (5.5 Kg)
-Max carrying load: 264 lbs (120 Kg)
-Max speed: 7.5 MPH (12 km/h)
-Max distance: ~ 9 miles (15 Km) (plus swappable batteries)
-Charge time: 2.5 hours
-Max uphill gradient: 15 degrees
-Waterproof rating: IP54

My major complaints:
-Driving and turning can be very frustrating and difficult. It’s the *inside foot that causes to turn to that side, while the old hoverboards were opposite to this; it was the outside foot causing the turn. If you’re confused, here’s an example – on this iCarbot, if you want to turn left, you shift extra weight onto your left foot, and you turn left. This can be quite unintuitive, and *Should* be opposite.
-Small hard wheels, easily gets snagged, caught in cracks and bumps, can’t off-road. Only rides okay on smooth flat surfaces
-During my filming, it was +90°F outside, and after 10 minutes of scootering, the iCarbot started beeping and the app showed it was overheating. I had to turn it off and let it cool to keep riding.
-Price is pretty expensive for this little scooter.

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Ruudy L says:

It great to get it for free, but would you buy it for that price, be honest now!

Kingjay 2_3 says:

Which one would you recommend the hover board with that one

Nedal Elkurd says:

Great Video Ben!


My ninebot mini pro is better than that

simmy Gantshar says:

that’s so stupid you may as well buy a self balancing scooter which only cost 299$ it has bigger wheels and only two it’s faster and more battery life and easier to ride it’s way better than that.

Hover board videos by Ferdous says:

Still it’s cool man

Survival Hackers 117 says:

thats cool

Nandan Bu says:

try reviewing the most expensive giant cycle and iphone 7s

Mustafa Mehdu izada says:

yo ben your the best youtuber in the world

Big Homie says:

This look like a perfect pillow for little ppl with LED LIGHTS. And SIM card compatibilities

Survival Hackers 117 says:


Swite says:

hey ben! I couldn’t help but notice that you had Luke 9:24-25 cited during your closing clip. Thats awesome, it’s so nice to see that there are other christian youtubers out there. I love your work, keep it up. also check out my channel, let me know what you think. KEEP CREATING!!!!

Oliver gaming and more says:

AuthenTech I which all you’re vidios and you convinced me to get a one wheel segway thing I have the airwheel x6 music could you do a review.

David Withers says:

Best YouTube channel ever do more RC stuff

Daniel Tani says:

Remote control function it’s very great! Luv your reviews!!! Hugs 🙂

Misha Arora says:

awesome Review ben pls reply

George Hou says:

The app is basically a full knockoff of the XiaoMi Ninebot

LTECNIC drones en español y rc says:

very nice video like friend

Camaro Troy says:

Send it to Casey Neistat and you’ll get more views to see your product especially from people around the world since his fan base is super world wide huge..

Beatrice Quercetani says:

Hey I was wondering if you could try the Ninebot One E I have not see any really reviews on the Ninebot One E so it would be nice to see one review thanks

GamingTV says:

looks like junk, look at how small the wheels are, bet the engine burns out within a weeks time

Hover board videos by Ferdous says:

I think this is small car for your foot

David Withers says:

I can’t believe you answered me keep making videos you’re the best person I’ve seen on YouTube to review stuff you keep your videos quick simple and give all the information very nice keep up your good work dude I like all your videos you’re the best YouTube or ever keep up your good work

funny videos says:

Please Where do you buy all your plugins for your videos ? Thank you so much

Survival Hackers 117 says:

thats cool

Super Woman says:

Looks like my weight scale with 4 wheels -_-‘

General Duck says:

Great video , love the review!!!

Zane Nelson says:

Ben you have been very gr8 to me in the past with recommendations so consider the dji mavic pro

IAmHackingIntoYourPSNAccount Name says:

Is fwheel a legit brand? I wanna buy their s600 one wheel but don’t wanna be scamed and don’t want it to explode If I get it

Josiah McDaniel says:

Cant wait to see your review on the hero 5 karma mavic and gopro stabalizer. I would love to see the karma vs mavic and osmo vs gopro stabalizer

Christian Boucher says:

so workers have both hands??

Sasha Sookram says:

more schooter

funny videos says:


fwheelscam says:

F-Wheel is a shady company that knowingly sells defective and garbage quality merchandise to unsuspecting customers. When you try to contact them and work things out with them they refuse to comply and will even not respond to you if they feel like it. Read about other customers as well as our story and how they stole thousands of dollars from us at http://www.fwheel.org

justjohnny05 says:

The battery is sent separately so that the main unit cant get into the country without customs making sure it wont explode.Did you not realize that they made too big design flaws that they could easily have avoided? 1. The drive wheels turn freely all the time they should not do this this only makes it more unstable and harder to use, get on and off of and makes more dangerous for some riders the wheels should be in a non moving fixed position and only move when powered up by the controller to do so. 2. if the rider steps or falls off the device can keep going for quite a long distance making it a dangerous projectile this could have been avoided if it had a dead mans kill switch so that the second rider weight is lifted it cuts power to the wheels and then see 1. above they would stop turning.

Mustafa Mehdu izada says:

yo ben your the best youtuber in the world


Is the ninebot mini pro still your favorite simple mobile device?

josh sloan says:

All of these electric ridables are amazing

Ishshal Manocha says:

I’m might think of getting a hover board and do you think this hover board is better or a Xiaomi nine bot, because I want something that is good in quality. So which should I get?

AyaanSamad says:

You should get a MBS mountain board and do a review on it! It looks different

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