Cheapest EBAY hoverboard unboxing and test


Tola Afun says:

He swears at 2.47

CamGoesPsyco says:

So much safety for u to cut towards yourself but nice video man

funnymike 3x says:

how much was that


where’s the link

Devin Dominator says:

I’m 12 and I have 16 hover boards

SimpleGamingF2P says:

I buy my hoverboard at lazada for 50$ and its been 1year 5month since i buy it and it still work.

Kool-Aid Man says:

I subscribed;)

Adil Abdul-Khaliq says:

i hope

OG Roody 1k says:

wheres the link?

logan holmes says:

hello add me on snapchat hybrid32494 its lholmes164

Tola Afun says:

It looks like he swears at 2.40

Ines PlayZz says:

I’ve Baugh this it’s REALLY bad quality

Edited: fake LOL

Bryson Taylor says:

if it has a battery warning, then its safe?

The Compilation Kid TV says:

*Cheapest EBAY BOMB unboxing and test

ArtMobil Eduardo Coelho says:

Alerta aos pais, hoverboard skate elétrico é um brinquedo mortal incendiou minha casa. Por pouco não tirou a vida dos meus sobrinhos, compartilhe por favor nesse natal não ponha as crianças em risco

skate elétrico, hoverboard explode e queima a casa, alerta aos pais, brinquedo mortal 16/12/2017

and l says:

oh thank you for telling m3

El i says:

Who’s watching in 2018

Lava Leader says:

can you give me the link i cant find it i really want one 🙂 btw i subed and liked

Harvey Twins says:

i got one from a dodgy website for 7 quid and it exploded and nearly burnt my house down

and l says:

Why is hoover board banned in New york


Qui est français

Chris St. Julien says:

I’m 11 and I have one

Txz k says:

I found today one for 192€ with samsung hardware

Cakeboot 4000 says:

how much was it ??????

Jamel parry says:

cheap hoverboard blows up bitch

Laura Cueto says:

I just got one from eBay for $140 with $7.00 warranty and it’s a Samsung battery. Is really awesome!

Pierre Cardone says:

You think your crappy video is good enough that you can force me to watch ads??!! /think again. gone.

TheAlphaWolf says:

how much was this

Saddd. Edits. says:

It’s not 14+ it’s 5+

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