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Charmaine Jean says:

he does the tricks like a pro

Dejovany Mbou says:


jony 159 says:

please subscribe

flyzoneonly hood says:

Plz I want one

esuntak says:

pay 130 dollares in paraguay

Eugene Freeman says:

nice tricks

calum leat says:

hey this is by far one of the best unboxing vids ive ever seen u did some crazy stunts . thx to u im probz gonna get one

funny videos funny videos says:

where did you buy it

itz dinosan says:

how long will it take to arrive (i live in uk)

Miini Juke says:

He was just showing off

Mina Pietroluongo says:

title of the sing at the minute 4:25 please? thank you

Fifo TV says:


YEEZY pEzE says:


funny videos funny videos says:

where did you buybit

iPugsieHD says:

No offence, but the first minute or so you sounded so spoilt, ignorant..

Luis Lopez says:

you make me not want to get one

EL_Angel 7290 says:

that not even a blutooth

Neeka Grace says:

Sick tricks they were like full on epic …subbed…sub back to me people ?? X

esuntak says:

pay 130 dollares in paraguay

Penny Miller says:

thats fricken savage

m.arlliny says:

is the Bluetooth one safe

Marusya Love says:


fk2 vlogs says:

those tricks are good I wish I had one

Redstone Master123 says:

I subbed ages ago I haven’t. Got one

pocahontasnc S says:

Nice moves

x.Love_pink_shelby .x says:

i have always wanted a segway but I’m getting a gold segway with Bluetooth I can’t wait

Michael Ayinla says:

I don t get a remote with my hoverboard

Chris Kootin says:

Dooope, that nice Bro!

daaniel hayes says:

I’ve wanted one for ages they look so cool I’ve had a go on one and I can ride them easy I want to win one badly.

Hypedriver Gaming says:

I’m begging for one even if I had one for 2 miniutes I would love it so much

Ramira Bookman says:

is that you singing

colin clary says:

pls meh

backyHD pece says:

can I have one please

Elegant Fungal says:

it is segway not swegway you dume bich and ass hole
and fuck you

Захар Захарович says:

What market sell this?

KK says:

man thats awesome u doing those tricks on a segway man best video i have seen of unboxing reviews

Sup3r T0z Buidaiv says:

Tu gère bien

Aleesha Kelley says:

It’s pointless doing tricks coz you know it’s gonna bresk

Sebastian Zimmer says:

hat es genau 290€ gekostet ?

William Miller says:

He was killing them moves

Ivan C says:

song name =/?

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