Bluetooth HoverBoard Segway // Unboxing and Review

In this video I show you my new Segway/HoverBoard/Scooter (the thing of many names) and review as well as unbox it!

Buy one: ( The price has gone up significantly 🙁 )

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*Music Used*
Drake and Future – Jumpman
Alan Walker – Fade
JPB (ft. Ashley Apollodor) – Defeat the Night



guys stop calling hoverboards/segways/swegways iohawks iohawk is a compony

Jake says:

What was the other one after that one

Roger Jacob Borce says:

what are the measurements for the tape thing

Extreme Gamer says:

I got it early before a lot of other people did

Michael Freeman says:

Will it blow up

Doku says:

Is there a way to turn off those gay ass lights?

Captain Obvious says:

What batteries?

Extreme Gamer says:

I have the same one but different lights 🙂

Ryd3r GT says:

Guys just go to they are super cheap 325-430$

Amourious Kyles says:

can u make a video on u putting on the rubber tape

true gamer says:

To get to your house

Shane Harrington says:

thanks so much for the info, its just ive been trying to find that exact same board because i live in wake forest NC thanks for the info tho!

Cyanah Quarterman says:

u could have been more loud than u were otherwise u were great

RJGames says:

can u turn the Bluetooth off??

Achilles 20710 says:

What was the song after jumpman?

Shane Harrington says:

please if you could telll me where you got this exact board that would be great!! i have been looking all over for it can you tell me what its called and what company or whatever it is thank you so much

Darelys Mollinedo says:

We can’t hear you

ayy lmao says:

Nice video bro

TnC4Life82 says:

When you oredered it did it take long to come in to where you almost thought you got ripped off

Amir Reza says:

Man i love this song glad you putted it lol

Treythewey says:

how long did it take to arrive at your front door?

135wild says:

can you help please? bluetooth speakers not turning on .. please help!

JerryFlow 10 says:

How much weight can it take

true gamer says:

How long did it tack

Carl Jackson says:

lol yo shit didnt even get an actual box just might be a cheap hoverboard

Tores Moore says:

tɦaռҡs ɮʀօ

Tores Moore says:

աat ɨs tɦɛ ռaʍɛ օʄ tɦɛ sօռɢ at tɦɛ ɮɛɢɨռռɨռɢ օʄ tɦɛ video

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