Back to the Future Hoverboard Mattel prop replica review

Unboxing and review of all the good and bad things about Matty Collector’s Hoverboard prop replica from Back to the Future part II by Mattel. by John Carlos McMaster


Jesus Carrillo says:

you talk all lot

Christian Rehn says:


Ricardo Maldonado says:

cesar alejandro como puede esistir esos patines boladores si esos son del futuro

سوسو الدوسري says:


Gary Okonor Gaming says:


Maii Abdelfattah says:

Can it even fly?!?

Miss Alyss says:

What they should do is create clear wheels for the hover broard

AlMohmad Alabed says:

كم رقمه


the youi

Fire Rover says:


TitanMan2003 says:

If you try it on a metal surface, it will Actually hover

Jungko Rubis says:

its nothing really overbord

sneakybill45 says:

it’s not a hover board tho. it’s a child’s scooter

Acid Pop says:

that hover board is poop it cant hover!

King jonny522 Gaming says:


Anthony Olivieri says:

You look like nick swisher

Nasir Gaines says:

how much did cost

lupita gonzalez says:

your videos are so boring you should get on it and no r talk alot

SpenKids Gt says:

Donate Haver board your i’am indo i’am no have haver board

Joshua Jeffords says:

That’s not real

Moosea365 With antlers and hooves and a tail says:

You should get the Nike air mags

Crimsoune Simoune says:

How much is that

Bilawal Nadeem says:

Where you buy tell me

Smart Rapper says:

If you see this, I hope you are having a great day!

Adra mutiara says:

Saya nk tk Aci

Risk games1 says:

hao I kan baie thes

Maverick_Boii _ says:

where do you buy the hoverboard

xandro heirbaut says:

can not fly

Jacobskicks says:

There is bubles on it

Larry Sutherland says:

my dad or mom will buy me a hoverboard

Aiman Matibag says:

Is hover board really works

Zack Jones says:

I made a hoverboard replica out of foam I’m gonna buy a recordable soundboard and record the sound and stuck the soundboard inside the hoverboard and leave the button out so when I press it it would make the noise

Boss Gamer662 says:

It’s a hover scooter not board

kok zi lerk says:

We’re at you buy

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