AirWalk Hoverboard Unboxing/Review (Swegway) This One Won’t Explode

We just got a new hoverboard! We just quickly make this review on it and you should expect to see some videos with multiple hoverboards in it soon! We got an AirWalk Hoverboard because it is a reliable brand that won’t explode like some others that are rumored to catch on fire and explode! If you have any video suggestions leave them in the comments.

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muhammed salih says:

from where you buy

BroughtSkate 17 says:

And how much is it


is this really never exploade please tell me i want to buy one

SuscribetoNya S says:

I bought one today… Boxing Day at Canadian tire it was on sale for $450 originally costed $600

Andrea Lopez says:

what is the website?

Yung dagga dick says:

I got mine from aliexpress for $220 on sale should I worry about it exploding? or just not over charge it?

Zach Attack says:

They didn’t tell how much it costs :/

Christian Donaire says:

Airwalk? The company that sells shoes? Must be legit then.

Tyler Patey says:

I have the same hoverboard just mine is black

Rajes Thurai says:

So I found a hover board for $150 on do you think this would be a sad,e buy or not. If not then what hover board should I purchase at a price point of $200 max. Pls reply no thanks for your time.

Victor Fitzgerald says:

where u get urs from and how it costs

A.R.M.Y says:

Can I overcharge it? Cause I overnight charge anything and everything… Maybe even longer…

Endless Jai says:

Where do I buy this from?

Resanth Rameshwaran says:

I read a review saying that airwalk hoverboards explode

Sarah Dysart says:

I got air walk hoverboard

Godofredo Pingol says:

what site did you use pls reply to me

Infinity Gamer says:

Where can I get this one!?

HeyCuties123 says:

will the airwalk one catch on fire or explode

kuldip maan says:

Hey ur awwsome


…..this is the same hoverboard everybody else has they just stamp their logo on it and charge you an extra 300 let me guess you spent over 500? dum dum dum lol i spent 200 got a bag and a key remote to turn it on mine hasnt “exploded” because i havent smashed it up or let it roll and thats the #1 reason why they catch fire because people are damaging the battery causing them to leak and catch fire but anyways enjoy your overpriced hoverboard =P

A.R.M.Y says:

Does anyone recommend air Walk?

Chillster says:

is legit?

Matthew DiPaolo says:


Pete Miller says:

2:00 the dude on the left should try some moisturizing body lotion or something, looks like he has a bad case of bed bug bites, or road rash from wiping out on his hover board. All in fun, thanks for the vid. Cheers.

BroughtSkate 17 says:

Are you sure it won’t explode

Elaine Roblox & More says:

when I am trying to on my HoverBorad And the HoverBorad won’t say the Bluetooth device is ready to pair And I dunno why maybe is broken if you know Please tell me thanks

Nasser hassin says:

Good videos and funny keep up the good work


Could you leave a link to the store

Salvatore Noti says:

oops i got mine from china

Tyler Gutto says:

Where can I get the air walk

Roman wheeler says:

can you put a link to the online site for the hoverboard YOU got in this video

Nolan Beveridge says:

the 1st time tried I never fell

Tori Fields says:

where did you get yours from?

Vivian Grennon says:

how much was it????

Muffin Crumbs says:

Any good brands you guys can suggest for me? My mom is gonna get me one but also afraid it will blow up so I am just wondering 😛

KingGamimg 200 says:

what about doing a hoverboard giveaway for me

momowooz says:

they are expoloding because of over charging XD

Nicholas Cage says:

thats not heavy at all

• Omos • says:

Ur vids actually look really professional your GREAT at editing and also ur camera is CRAZY!

Tricksto34 says:

Where do i get this hoverboard

Musa Dev says:

Do you have a link? ‘Cause I can’t find it on Google.

River says:

Added you guys would love to see you on your Hoover board. I’m a mom and my son & I want to learn to use them they look lit


Not exploxe

Luke Buck says:

How do you tell the batter life? Will the led under the battery image turn a different color?

BridgetGunnarsen says:

sure?it wont explore

MooseGoesQuack says:

Airwalk hoverboards are made in china…

Oasis Ripper says:

I have this hover board in black and my parents make me charge it outside just in case it explodes and its so annoying that I stopped riding it for a while now I lost the charger

I'm Vukalam 2 says:

I have the exact same one and the color!

Dasia Ewing says:

so do those catch on fire

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