8 Inch Lamborghini Bluetooth Hoverboard UNBOXING AND REVIEW! (Smart Balance Wheel)


Alexander Salamander says:

Poor cat 🙁

CheeseAndOnion Clips says:

“What came in the mail today… Deez Nuts! Ha got hiiiiiimm!

Anonimous BlooGamer says:

that’s not a lamborghini hoverboard

AeroBourne says:

It goes same speed

Salama Abuzour says:

Rip headphone users

Jay Harper says:

i waited a month for mine to come and you waited a week i wouldn’t be saying i have been waiting forever

Skate board says:

how to change it to advanced? and what the diff between biginner and advanced

help me reach 1k sub says:

my big D*** came in the mail

mariella Tirado says:


Obi Harbin says:

I can’t wait I’m getting this same hoverboard this year and I’m getting it whole black

patrick white says:

if any boady subscribes to me I will subscribe back  go to the search box search Patrick white singing and I am the white male with blakish brown hair

Kevin Heer says:

Please reply!!!!!

pranav gupta says:

is it available in india


Hey gabe ride that ride that to school tomorrow hahaha

Micah Jordan says:

deex nuts came in the mail today

Sophia Varganov says:

You don’t look exited


We the hoverboard crew

Potato PG says:

Hint: if you want this awesome hoverboard right now go to eBay it’s in sale for these three days for 200 bucks only

Can Can says:

What song is that called?

Kevin Heer says:

Does this one make revving sounds???

Babygurls Longoria says:

My sister has two of those and I have nine I’m going to have ten when I get it for Christmas


Thanks for the song 😉

jonathan Saludez says:

I love this video plz like this =-O ☺☺☺☺☺☺

Zac Thomas says:

Read the manual and find out what the buttons do before making a video on them you fool

jonathan Saludez says:

he talk in 2:45

XBunny Girl says:

you are cute

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