Z Review – Which Headphones are BETTER???

If you are asking me which headphones are better. You are telling me you don’t know what is important to you. Time to FEEL your way through the snowflakes that headphones are.
Philips SHP9500 [http://amzn.to/1Un3FVp]
Pioneer SEA1000 [http://amzn.to/1Un3BVA]
Mad Dogs [https://mrspeakers.com/mrspeakers-mad…]
Fostex T50rp MkIII [http://amzn.to/1LImX0i]
Sennheiser HD600 [http://amzn.to/21kjrph]
Audio-Technica 2000x [http://amzn.to/1Qhsqgr]
AKG K612pro [http://amzn.to/1Un3ARv]

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Mike Whittingham says:


nathaniel palmer says:

What are the best cheap headphones (under $80) for detailed highs that will compliment the X2’s the best?

Lukas Murmann says:

What headphones has the best soundstage ever, no matter price? Just soundstage?

Brobert says:

Which headphones for directional sounds? i play lots of CSGO

AVRGgamer says:

how about widest sound stage

Massi Qasemi says:

Hi, I have a question for you in picking the best headphones for me. I have picked 4 different headphones and I like the closed backs usually for isolation and privacy. I need to know from your expertise in audio field, which is the best Between the SONY Z1R, AUDEZE LCD XC, MR SPEAKERS ETHER C FLOW and the AUDEZE EL8s TITANIUM. I listen to all types of music and I also use my iPhone for everyday listening, I would really appreciate if you help me out into making decisions a lot easier and also your reason for choosing the headphone.


oooppiikkk says:

im stuck between the philips and the ATH Air series ( any of them under the $200 ) with an emphasis on the largest sound stage.

Vyktar says:

Comfort is the most important thing for me. As long as the headphones sound decent I don’t mind.
The Takstar Hi2050’s are a perfect example of this, but the cable broken on them only recently, and now I have to go out and by a soldering iron and attempt to resolder the cabling because they simply don’t exist in Canada anymore.

momo mama says:

i want less than 300€ headphones mostly listen to pink floyd, soul blues and a lot of hip hop/ rap, any recomendations??

BG says:


PI37U says:

what would be your recommendation to compliment akg712 pros? from pricepoint of below 500$

generalqwer says:

under mids you could maybe put clarity or separation of mids. After A/B testing the mids on my HD 600 are significantly more separated or clearer than DT 990

The Adversary says:

are the HD600s very comfortable? Especially are the pads very nice feeling?

Ripley Gonzalez says:

I REALLY like this guy! 😀

KeOKe BlackShot says:

freaking annoying when people using marker to write on a paper><

name says:

You should do a video that pairs the best headphones for specific types of music.
ex: best headphone for rock

Shadiggles says:

1:32 short answer

eddie zizek says:

Beats is better at bass. Get triggered.

blaze shot says:

Which one has the better sound stage

Kanna Karuppasamy says:

how is the difference between ath-ad700x and Philips shp9500 with respect to soundstage?

Keith Wilkins says:

How about this. HD600 for $288, is this that best headphone for price going right now?

Baby Smacker says:

i would take you more seriously if you wernt a fucking weeabo loving hentai faggot

Rocket Ship 27 says:

What open-back headphones would u say are better for sound whoring in video games?..

RREXX says:

Okay, so I plan on upgrading from m50x soon, I am thinking about phillips 9500, but I am not quite sure, I do a lot of gaming, and what I like in my music is a nice hefty low end with good amounts of bass (yes I know 9500s dont have this, this is why I am asking), good highs, and clarity in the vocals, as well as them being comfortable enough for hours and hours of use. I listen to a lot of rap, metal, rock, various electronic musics, (pretty much everything) but the important parts to me are good lows, good highs and vocal clarity in mids. Clamp force doesn’t bother me much, weight is only a huge deal if it’s actually super heavy, and material doesn’t matter as long as it’s actually comfortable and wont kill my head.

Budget is ~$150 (chose 9500s so I could also afford DAC)

Judah Thiem says:

What’s are the best headphones for imaging, clarity, and highs for around $300?

rtep27 says:

emma stone >>>>>>>>>> emma watson

Will Stinson says:


Elia Maggioni says:

I am looking for a budget headphone for about 60/70 dollars. I would use it for gaming then I need to hear footsteps and stuff like that and it has to be very comfortable, any advise?

Mickxal says:

Leg fetish much ?

Renaud Labelle says:

I have the shp9500, I love them but I think I definitly can find more details in a headphone, just want to know if the hifiman he400i worth the upgrade at 300$?

loop general says:

what are the best headphones for music production ?
would you suggest me Focal Spirit Professional?

DeVries6276 says:

I got a pair of Soundmagic 150s and think their lacking bass but i LOVE everything else about them, thinking of making the jump to Sony mdr1-adac. is this the right move?

lorddarphyve says:

FUCK!! Now I have to buy everything!

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