Z Review – UNVEILING THE Mark IV Headphone Recorder!! feat. Neumann Microphones

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FLAC audio of this video https://www.mediafire.com/file/sobibty08xim72u/Mark_IV_Reveal_Raw_Edited.flac/file
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Chrollo says:

Finally, the ZMF reviews are coming. When will those be posted up?

NighteeeY says:

Double thumbs up for Midnight City. Oh my god. This track gives me shivers and tears *every.* *fucking.* *time.*

Paperbag Ghost says:

if you got 2 pairs of same headphones, record them side by side playing the same music and swap back and forth in video? would that be too much work lol

Kbeau says:

1:03 gets me EVERY TIME on my modded 668b’s!!!

Antoine P says:

I always enjoyed jamming out to your v3 reviews, even when I had no interest in the headphones, you do it well. The new setup sounds great.

David Fregoli says:

You should open a barber shop

be engineering says:

I’ve watched and learned enough to make some good purchases, but can you do some updated source ( TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify, ……. ) vids ?
Might be time to update audio interface, computer build spex, ……. , that kind of stuff.
You really helped me out on some good hardware so far thanks.

Tyler Stout says:

Wow those mics are impressive. I’ve never understood the sound demos (my headphones are coloring them technically right?) but you should re-release a sound demo with the same songs with the new rig.

ZombieX65 says:

Love the ASMR. Thanks

Paperbag Ghost says:

you could try out the rode ntr for recording speakers :^)


Z ASMR ?!?!?!

Solomon Li says:

Epic… but that suspension headband is crying as it’s stretched over the blocks… I swear I hear it. =P I guess you can also test how headphones would fit on big heads…

Unbox Review says:

Amazing sound quality! *But Zeos, don`t you think that Rode M5 matched pair are more flat then expensive Neumann?* But for expensive headphones this mics will be great.

The F says:

please record your ether c flows again with these microphones! pretty pleaase!!

sayex says:

Redo the stax sound demo pleaaaase!

Aaron Gable says:

whats the song at the very beginning of the video? It sounds like Doors, but i can’t recognize it.

TheUrbanHippie says:

So what you’re saying is, sound demos sound good now

Eywadude says:

*HOLY CRAP! $1,599.95???* *listens to recording with Neumann microphones, jaw drops… Ohhhhhhhh, THAT’S why he spent $1,599.95. Okay, very much excused, good sir. Now you need to get a pair for speaker demos in the living room. Makes your other mics sound like they’re being recorded through a mattress. No joke. Those Neumanns are just dumb. $1,599.95 well spent I’d say.

Anthony477 says:

Have you heard the RME ADI-2 DAC + if so what are your thoughts?

Norp N/A says:

Those things sound fucking amazing.

biense1980 says:

i do Approve!

Vintagemotors Always says:

7:42 asmr reviews channel please, just do that for 7 hours straight someone will listen

Cb1scu1t says:

got my verite ordered…cant wait

Lord Victor Halgaard says:

Zeos’ attempts at ASMR are worryingly good, and it disturbs me greatly..!

Sal Garcia says:

The Buchardt S400 is there a review from you coming in the near future?

Cable Guy says:

Yeah baby!

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