Z Review – OPPO HA-2 Headphone Amp Dac

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Bound in Human Flesh and Inked in Human Blood. Only the OPPO can make your phone not suck and raise the dead.

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DJ Rodriguez says:

You didn’t sell me on it.

Yeah right! I guess I’ll blow by in ear headphones.

Matt Ware says:

oppo is known for their phones more than their music and blu ray devices

Bullet0Magnet says:

+1 Thumb Up for a Johnny Bravo reference… hoo-ha!!

Kevin Clover says:

can I have it, dude?

a.bratton95 says:

Hey Z, love your reviews. Quick question: how important are the cables in these setups? In other words, will I notice a difference between those that come with the Oppo and those sold by AudioQuest?

RockyRhodes-III says:

this or the fiio A5? is the price difference worth it?

Rich Raymond says:

love these reviews!

anthonybrett7 says:

Zeos, I’m almost sold on this, but my wallet is refusing to open!! Please tell me I don’t “need it” to use with my lowly senn’s hd598’s.. do I…….but do I????!!

Neil Carton says:

This Video has made me buy the Oppo HA-2se, i cannot wait for it, should be getting it tonight, my ears are itching for a new sound, thanks, Mr Z Reviews, Great Unboxing and review videos, Thanks

Mikheil Abuladze says:

Hello Z. Do these sound on the same level as modi+O2? Also can Ha-2 deliver the same amount of power? Thanks for your attention.

Luca Ldf says:

i want these soooo soo so sosososo much . only problem im broke as fuck !!!! boooyakaaaaaa

Al Catraz says:

Which would perform better with a desktop PC:- Oppo HA-2, or Fostex HP-A4? (driving the AKG K712)

its me says:

Have you checked the Sony PHA-1A? If yes how does it compare to HA-2? And which one would you chose for the HD 650?

nidi991 says:

Has the oppo a better DAC than the dragonfy red DAC?

Budget Audiophile TV says:

new model is out HA-2SE

Jisheng Chen says:

“You go back in history and tell me when a green power indicator existed on anything.”

I’ll have you know, my Gameboy Advance SP from 2003 had a green power indicator that would turn to red when it was at low power. Anyways, thanks for your videos. I’ve never heard of Cowon before but I was looking for a DAP of some sort with a long battery life when I saw your DAP movie. That 100 hour battery life hooked me instantly.

Gilgamesh_The_God says:

Zeos will this replace my fiio k5 and sanskrit 6th gen?

Jose Luis says:

Nice review! I want this BAD! BTW, you are living the dream!

Calabi-Yau Manifold says:

My Iphone 5S seems to have a wonderful high fidelity source according to this source
http://www.kenrockwell.com/apple/iphone-5/audio-quality .htm
There’s a space between quality and .htm on purpose.

Christopher W. Hearne says:

Should I get this for the Shure SE 846?

Scott Branham says:

Having experience with so many devices, would you recommend the Oppo or the E09k/E17 combo, considering I want something for computer as well as on the go. And does the Oppo have any EQ abilities?

SpiderWayne says:

It seems like you like this more than the FiiO E18. How about it… do you?

famefortune101 says:

oppo does sell phones

Alireza Mahdavy says:

can use both dac and amp with otg ?

Autistic Fat Beagle says:

does it support separated left and right channel audio connectivity?

Ren_Pres says:

Does having a DAC for a set of headphones that don’t require alot of power useful? Sorry im just getting into the audio world.

Darrin Thorpe says:

OPPO actually does make smartphones! 🙂

Bandon Lim says:

How does this match up to the shozy magic

Kevin Joric Apolonio says:

I am so sad you didn’t make a “HA-2 Barada Nikto” joke during the intro.

Ralf Hwang says:

iphone + Fidelio X2 + Oppo HA-2? is this a good idea?

Damon Adrian says:

Ha2 or the nano idsd? Which is better?

Han Solo says:

can these be used for pc / gaming with the oppo HA2

SpiderWayne says:

You sold me on this and now I’m ordering the HD 650 to hear how well they pair up. Thanks for all the great reviews!

Jack Wright says:

Would there be any noticeable sound quality benefits of using this with my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s with my Iphone on the bus or in the office streaming Spotify? Or is it only really cost effective for hard to drive cans?

H Pol says:

You get this excited by the Oppo HA-2 and feel nothing with the Chord Mojo. I can’t take you serious.

Robert Demeter says:

I could care less about materialism (fancy cars, fancy clothes, image, stupid jewelry, a big house, and all that shit means absolutely nothing to me as it’s all meaningless), but, BUT !! When it comes to great Audio equipment I take things very seriously as I am a lover of Art, and real music is Universal Art of Spiritual beauty !! I picked up the Oppo HA-2 “SE version” (which is even better than the version in your review) for 400 bucks canadian at Solutions A/V in Toronto, and it is easily one of the best purchases of my life. My high-end headphones explode (and I’m not talking about the shitty dr.dre beats which has absolutely no midrange and it’s crappy highs, and midrange is absolutely essential for rock music) with bliss with this amazing and powerful product. There is absolutely no need to spend $4000 on a high-end home sound system with 12 speakers when I have this compact combination that sounds like a thousand speakers and I am at the center of the concert 😉 . Thank you for the great review. And Namaste !! OM <3

that guy over there says:

OPPO has made a phone, allthough i don’t know if it was released when you uploaded this video

allen0088 says:

is it better than chord mojo?

Kylepb07 says:

OPPO does make phones for the Chinese market. I live in China for now, I have such a phone, and it sucks. Mine is the OPPO a33m, not flagship, doesn’t sound good, nothing special.

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