Z Review – Mad Dog Headphones

Here is the Mr Speakers site [http://goo.gl/wUw2Oz] and here are the stock Fostex T50RP that these are based off of [http://amzn.to/1xefQbv] so you can see the physical differences.

Link to the Sound Demo http://youtu.be/yvL46oq8tUU (which I think only scratches the surface of what these do.)

The amp/dac setup is as follows.
JDS Labs Odac [http://goo.gl/JkpJAx] or [http://amzn.to/1oXRmla]
FiiO E09K [http://amzn.to/1yMv1H9]
Here is that 1/4″ to 3.5mm extension [http://amzn.to/11mGceF]


PlzDontLeaveMeAgain says:

Are you ever going to review the Alpha Dog headphones?

eduardo batista says:

are the original fostex t50rp good, do they have bass, comparable to what

Mike F says:

Whenever I get a new song in FLAC or a new DAC or amp and want to see if there was any improvement in detail I always listen on the Maddogs first. before my HD600, before my DT770s, before M50x. They just are magical in how separated, clear, and detailed they are.

Sad they are out of production.

Double P says:

What are those contraptions your speakers are sitting on? (the two mainly seen in the video, on top of what looks like round, blue-ish, spheres) And what does it do?

maglorc says:

Would an audioengine d1 be able to push these?

Uncut Sevens says:

Oh man, I just bought these yesterday. Watched this review 3 times since while waiting for arrival 😀

Michael Ellis says:

Schiit Fulla’s won’t be quite enough?

CategorySchematic says:

I was thinking of getting a pair of these, but apparently they are no longer being made. That’s a shame.

Soul the Pedant says:

I’m trying to decide between these and the Sennheiser HD 600s. Which would you recommend for about half gaming and half music? I’m planning on driving them with either a schiit stack or an O2, haven’t decided which yet.

spongebot64 says:

Just contemplating getting those pads to either fit on my HM5’s. Even though they have the NVX angled pads, they’re not as comfy still. I might experiment with the original pads to see if it’s work keeping them, instead of splashing out for roughly £40 on a pair of pads.

LaughingDonkey says:

are these fine with just the e09k without a dac?

Stam Chry says:

Hey Z, have you tried the new Fostex T50RP MK3?
If yes,how do they compare to these?

Cooper Henderson says:

+Z Reviews I’m a newbie to the headphone game. Currently on a pair of Sennhe… HD 598s. Like them a lot but looking to upgrade. Are these open or closed?

Dackzy says:

Huh you like the same signature as me 🙂

Grant C. says:

ya m50x is v shaped but not beats v shaped

aaa vin says:

How are the highs on these? Do they compare to the ATH AD line from audio-technica?


can you show us what is inside ? to demystify what is going on and add to everyones shared knowledge ? we might actually make some progress instead of the normal passivity that keeps things being the same year after year yakkity yak k

Alvaro Estrada says:

I already decided I am getting all of this, but I am gonna keep watching reviews just because you make the best shit out there.
Thanks a ton mate.

Rich Rodriguez says:

Please do a review of the Blue “mofi”. I just saw them at a trade show just recently.

Mobeen Zaffar says:

Nice pair of headphones, however the most comfortable? I own a pair of Sony XB1000 headphones and they are the best in comfort and quality, but very rare. Do a review on them if you can find them.

Jacob Gardner says:

I am pondering over the Mad Dogs and the Fidelio X2’s I am especially looking for comfort and being able to use them in travelling. If you could help me with my decision that would be very helpful!

I have chosen the SMSL SD793 amp to use with the X2’s or the Mad dogs. Thanks!

Also if there are any other headphones recommendations for that price range please tell me! 🙂

StonedRambo01 says:

How hot do these Mad Dog’s get?? Can you game for 5+ hours straight or do they get to hot? And if you could only have 1 headphone which would it be??

Rahu X says:

Guess I have to ask the stupidly obvious question, but since I got a random influx of Xmas bux, would these be a great upgrade over the Philips SHP9500s?

Andrew Suliteanu says:

You mentioned they are very difficult to drive. Are they virtually unusable without an amp (direct to ipod)

dynaway says:

jus wondering how does the Mad Dog compare with the Hifiman HE400 (old version) since both are in similar price range… in term of sound quality, sound stage….

FoodTechGamer says:

Will the SMSL SD793-II drive these?

Alvaro Estrada says:

+Z Reviews
Do you think the KOMPLETE Audio 6 would be a sound card powerful enough to run the Mad Dogs?

Michael Mammoliti says:

mad dog vs ATH-MSR7 vs ATH M70x? I need a new pair of headphones… I use them for everything (also gaming).


thank you , nice review someone recommend to use meridian explorer 2 with the mad dog , do you think its good or Magni + Modi , my budget is 200$

James Sun says:

Just got one of these. I have an asgard 2 and modi 2. I was thinking of downgrading to magni 2. Will that power these fine?

Graham Connell says:

Where can I buy them if their site doesn’t have any stock?

Benjamyn Brady says:

props Mr speakers. vmoda cables are the best (durability wise)

Billybob Joe says:

Zeos… if you had to buy, which ones? Mad dogs or Hifiman he400s? and do the alpha pads like yours cost extra?

Linh Nguyen says:

the links are dead to order these, anyone know where I can get them?

Daniel says:

I believe you are objective. Please could you help me? I believed that everyone was exaggerating and bought a fostex t50rp with the intention of moding them. But the comments where right, I barely hear anything from the phone, hehe I used to have the audiotechnica pro500mk2. I would like to buy some amp for the outdoors and if possible be used at home. Would the fiio e10k make the trick? Another college-budget friendly amp would do the trick?

Michael Hwang says:

This or ad2000x?

Poetical says:

What’s the ohm for that? Would a fillo e11k, or any portable headset amp for that matter be able to power it?

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