Z Review – $50 Headphone Challenge Part II (TASCAM TH02+Takstar Hi2050)

As an expansion of the previous challenge with these two additions.

Tascam TH02’s in Baller’ White [http://amzn.to/10yq8WG] or Conservative Black [http://amzn.to/1Ep2fQA] rocking Brainwavz Pads [http://amzn.to/1y6TJoL]

Takstar Hi2050’s [http://amzn.to/10z49yN] in their birthday suit.

Original Two Reviews of Monoprice 8323 and Superlux 668b [http://youtu.be/wbSU_PqtTQ8?list=UU3XdYJjWliOdKuZMNaTiP8Q]

The Sound Demo’s
TASCAM – http://youtu.be/7fzsCu9G9jc
TAKSTAR – http://youtu.be/iatoa4I_ccY


Diogo Pedroza Loureiro says:

HD 668b or Takstar Hi 2050 for Gaming (and only gaming)?

Vyktar's Stash says:

My Takstar’s broke recently, and I was wondering if the ISK HF2010’s are a reasonable replacement.

Tommy Vang says:

WTF, where have I been, your reviews are soooo enjoyable to watch LOL, insta subbed.

QaziAbzy says:

I am thinking of getting a Takstar 2050 but am willing to spend the extra money for the Pro80 and the fact it has a closed design. Would you say the Pro80 is worth the £30($40) price increase or should I stick with buying the 2050?

Thanks in advance.

Dat Person Doe. says:

Sennheiser HD 429, Audio Technica ATH M20x/M30.

BetaWolf47 says:

Did you do the JVC HA-RX series ever?

geeknproud321 says:

The Takstars really have my attention. McIntosh was even showing some of their high end audio gear using those HI 2050s. McIntosh wouldn’t demo sub-standard gear. I am a big Beyerdynamic fan and especially love my Dt990s and Dt880s. The outside design is similar but the Takstars use far cheaper drivers and a cheaper overall design. However they get everything just right from most accounts. They don’t quite have that Beyerdynamic sparkle, but they try their best and do really well at it. $50-ish retail but performs well within the realm of $150+.

FaZe BeaTz says:

do the superlux have good flat response?. I’m into mixing

Danko Zaika says:

Can you talk even slooooweeeeer?

Jason Chalanick says:

Mr. Pantera: Just found your page a week ago. I saw this review and loved it. Are the Takstar’s 2050 still the model you are recommendating for $50? It looks like its been almost 2 years since this review and i’m sure a lot has changed since then. FYI, you got me to buy my first speakers ever last week (elacs).

VeryNormal SimplePerson says:

@Z Reviews

I found someone selling the old couch Takstar Pads, the seller seems to be legit.
He also sells ones for Hyper X Cloud which are marginally cheaper (I ordered one and waiting for them to arrive) but I suspect they’re the same as the other ones. If you’re interested I can report once they arrive.

Slavi Russinov says:

hi2050 vs shp9500 vs ad500x vs 668b for gaming and music(all kinds)?

Duane Fields says:

Last week, I bought my first pair of cans, the TH-02’s in Blk w/the Brainwav pads from the description links above and I like the combo. They are very comfortable and they sound nice and full. The treble and highs definitely are limited, but I really like that they are not too bright. iPad mini2. You’re right about the stock pads…unusable. For the first hour, I wore one stock pad and one hm5 pad and yes not comfy, but the highs were slightly better with the pancake pad. I wanted to start at the bottom of the price range in your recommendations list and work my way up to nicer cans in the future. Thanks Steve for all your great reviews. My 1.5 yr old girl just listened to your Mk III sound demo and was happy and wide eyed, swaying and bouncing to the tracks while trying to sing. Fun stuff, made me smile. Keep it up and I look forward to joining your Patreon soon. She also loves Chewbacca.

Durrant Miller says:

If you look up the measurements for the TH02 the bass is super flat and I mean FLAT

Roberto Rodríguez says:

i ripped off the foam on the cups, not the one on the pads, and of course the highs are now crisper. easy enough to replace that foam if needed.

Lucas Gonçalves says:

I have a simple H81 motherboard on my PC,i want to know if the Takstar HI2050 works fine with this kind of simple motherboard,or do i need an amp or a soundcard? Of course,i gone use it for gaming…Sorry for the bad english

actually QWERTY says:

Do the crap SE-A1000 pads fit on the Superlux?

Mufasa says:

They are up between 85-149.00

Console MonsterX says:

I modded the Tascams and the Takstars. And the Takstars I did a female Superlux style mod. They’re super sick.

Adib Menchali says:

Will there ever be a part 3 of this?

Mufasa says:

can Takstar hi2050 still be purchased for 40.00?

Hilo says:

Takstar 2050 or 668b for gaming? I’m getting the aftermarket pads for the 668b if I get them

Sl0ba Zl0ba says:

Takstar HI2050 = ISK HF2010 right?
Because i got the ISK and they sound amazing and look like the Takstar headphones.

Space Kek says:

What about sennheiser stuff and the audio technica m20x/30x?

Jonathan Emprendedor says:

What about Superlux HD681 Evo? Amazing headphones.

Domin1Q says:

What headphones would you personally pick for dayli using (music and games). Takstar HI2050 or SuperLux HD669? For now I was using AKG K511 and right now I am more decided to buy Takstar HI205 is that a good choice?

Jirka says:

Id like to know which sound signature in headphone game 🙂 is the best for watching movies? 668bs or takstar or something else ? Just courious.

Diako jalal says:

this is the perfect video I’ve been trying to find btw which one of these would be best for gaming as in competitive

Bolívar Pereira says:

can anyone help me, do i pick the takstars or the philips shp9500s

Jack Hart says:

I love the treble heavy sound of the Superlux. I like a bright sounding headphone.

Aniki says:

Bought the ISK2010s(2050 clone) for only £35, hopefuly it will be worth it.

qwerzy says:

do these(http://amzn.to/2h8S5lc) fit on the Th02’s?

Diogo Domingos says:

Should I go for the AD700x or with the Takstar Hi2050s and save money?

Potato Tomato says:

He’s right about the tascam stock pads. After 30 min you get headches and ear pain.

actually QWERTY says:

The tascam looks like an ultrasone ripoff

Lovro Sabljak says:

Takstar Hi2050 is rebranded Kingston Hyperx Cloud, which are rebranded QPAD headset which are copy of Beyerdynamic… 🙂 Can you make review of Hyperx Cloud CORE headphones? 🙂

Sebastian says:

what would you recommend more to listen music and playing games takstar pro80 or superlux 669

Edison Zhang says:

Is the ISK HF2010 a knockoff of the hi2050? I heard it is pretty good.

T A says:

I bought the Tascam th-02’s because the name and affordability. They are my entry portal into the world of headphones. You are right, they are incredibly uncomfortable. What kind of ear pads are those that you replaced? Are ear pads generally universal for all companies?

Ross Meeten says:

For gaming alone the pro 80s or 668bs?

hooterbutt says:

What would you recommend for $50 today? I want to get my girlfriend some headphones and she does voice overs on youtube. Thanks, and I love your videos.

NHK23 says:

Are 2050’s still a good buy? or is there any other alternative in the price range.

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