Xtreme Xplosives Headphone Review!

Xtreme Xplosives Headphone Review!

While most audiophiles value open headphones that emphasize balanced accuracy over artificial bass boosting JVC hopes to steal back that market share with the HA-MR55X, a $50 over-ear set of headphones that uses a proprietary anti-resonance ring inside each earpad to add extra bass without using an external equalizer.

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lancevskiwi123 says:

Found same pair new in box at a yard sale for 5 bucks…lol

calvin kuek says:

is it over ear???

Joe Norero says:

The ear pads on mine came off and they dont re-attach. I love the way they sound when I play FPS. I am able to hear location in game perfectly. However this dossnt matter when the pads come off and dont reattach.

Azem Sadiki says:

The Beatles sound amazing on these its  good buy

Constantine Nikolsky says:

very nice review

Glarfl says:

Will they work on dualshock 4

Amina Miah. #Logang says:

I don’t like other people hearing my music…got any headphones/earphones that has good bass but no one can hear them??

legend Xrated says:

It’s ha mr60x

Marilyn Miller says:

can this work with computers

Josh Gamer says:

his hand looks like the hand in surgoen simulator :0

Mi Horrorshow says:

These are guud

salamander man says:

Would it break them if I listen to bass boosted dubstep or progressive house?

Scate withafuckinC says:

Just got these at Ross for $20, I DONT suggest these for producing/mixing (reason I got them). They kinda make the quality sound TOO good to the point where they will give you a misconception of the true quality of your beats etc.. for instance, your 808 might really be too loud and will flood the rest of the sounds on average headphones/speakers, but these really separate sounds perfectly.. they are amazing for music listening though especially on a computer because they give you those sounds you’d only hear on speakers, they sound decent on a phone not as clean though. So GREAT headphones but would not suggest for music production

Chrisman B says:

i have the jvc xtreme xplosive earbuds, and there great and so is the bass

ATVwayoflive says:

Well,listen I have them now for 5 months. On my pc they are nice but not as awesome as all the people say. The bass is not that good,I mean come on Razer Kraken has 2 times better bass. The worst part is when you connect them to your phone,the sound is weaker than your earbuds that come out with your phone. They are nice value for money but not amazing! And when you listen to loud music everyone in the room can hear it as it is coming out of a speaker…

Vauxox says:

How durable are these? I may buy them. I’m not looking for cheap nor high quality headphones; but your typical, yet durable ones.

Mary Burke says:

I accidentally closed the wire of these headphones in the door of a car, but, I’m using them now and there is no difference in sound 🙂

I blew up The toilet says:

Stupid what’s bad about leaking music to the outside world I want people to hear my music if people got problem with there music leaking out don’t bother listening to music

Brian Walk With Me In Hell Merrick says:

Beats are cheap quality and not very good sound quality idk why people think they’re great they sound muffled and sound like shit unless you have rap on them if not it’s shit

Official Spongegar says:

$20 ross

TheGeniusNoodle says:

do they look big on a 14 year old kid like me i have a mid size head do you think they headphone will look to large for me?

raul trejo says:

I seen thus ones like in the video for $20 us dollars at ross dress for less store bit they look massive compared to my sol republic ttacks even my master tracks thats the reason i didnt get them but i did get the jvc xx earbuds wich sound decent but im teturning them i wadnt really convinced as i finf the bass not as great as people said and the mids and highs get a lil harsh when at high volumes it hurts my ears and the feel cheap but fir 20 bucks too they not too bad im just too used to my sol republic jax earbuds sound and quality but nice review

JabbaVader74 says:

I have the MR77x, and I would highly recommend them. They do cost more, but don’t leak as much sound.

Nizam Ahmed says:

Check out the Bluedio H+ Turbine they are a great pair of headphones and they have a lot of BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Neil Robinson says:

Found mine for 20 bucks brand new. Score!

Jamal Mahroof says:

You read this from a different review mate, word for word you copied another review mate, disappointed

sam samzehr says:

xtreme daube le pire casque gamer du monde xtreme xplosives il sature quand on le branche sur un caisson en mode jeux pare contre si vous trouver les bass ,pouvez vous me les ramener je l,est ai perdu (jvc 000000000)

The Reveiw guy says:

Wow I listened to these in sears today came home to check reviews on them using my ATH m 50s red haha .

ShadowKid 16 says:

Im getting these for my birthday in curryspc world for 60£

kai89tracid says:

do they have mic?

TitanBeats says:

i got these they coseted liek 150$

HeyItzNovaa says:

Mine are 40 new…

Justin Credible says:

Piece of shits just stopped working for me

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