Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones: Aftershokz Bluez 2S Review

Besides having a great design for a wireless headphone, the Aftershokz Bluez 2S also allows you to listen your music without blocking out the ambient sound in the environment. So are they good enough to let you listen to your fave ‘tunes while still being able to hear approaching assassins? That’s the real question here.

More info on the Bluez 2S: http://aftershokz.com/collections/all/products/bluez-2s

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


NightSyndicate says:


FuzzyRedFox says:

sounds like a good idea to have while biking

Cody says:

illegal to wear both headphones when cycling for safety…so are deaf cyclers not allowed to ride their bike?

DioOmicida says:

Who doesn’t love random documentation.

Mago Quililan says:

i want to try one

Timothy James Bautista says:

interesting product

Solitude says:

I don’t get it, why on cheek bones?… There’s literally a bald spot behind the ear, why not there?

ronnie93 says:

A few questions:
Is the sound quality at least a little above average or just average? What would be the in ear headphone equivalent when it comes to sound quality?
And are these a good everyday pair, like listening to music at work or just at home?

blitzup77 says:

thx for mention abaout hair styl!

chaos 450 says:

could a deaf person listen tousic on them

mps says:

“if im joggin in my back ally and there is a truck behind me…” – erm, who are you kidding? 😉 thats a danger, you never run into (or me… no offence bro 😉 )

UnknownUser says:


Jaz TheBest says:

they need to put one for shoes…i need it !

DioOmicida says:

These are actually pretty cool.

Re-Mecs says:

one side of you beard is neater than the other!

Michael Anderson says:

no, who cares about their surroundings?

Đorđe Gajanin says:

The ear doesn’t process sound lol.

Pedro López Velarde says:

I need that psu!

Cameron Stewart says:

So would this work if I bought a wireless transceiver and plugged it into, say, my Zune?

Teemu Pulkkinen says:

The multifunction button was working perfectly. The headset detected that you were listening to Justin Bieber, and wanted you to stop and think about what you’re doing.

DjStiv3 says:

oh woah. .. he was listening the beaver… im so done with this vid. i cant take him serious now

TekReviews says:

Bone conducting headphones have been out for quite a while. Seems people like to pretend it’s something new. Your local ENT’s Audiologist will use them when testing your hearing.

GTA5Player1 says:

This would be fantastic to use on smartglasses. It could just be incorporated into them.

Jose Salazar says:

thumbs down only because justin bieber

Geek Reviews says:

Sound quality apparently is not the best one. I’ve tried Sportz M3. Wondering if they improved it in this new model

Daniel Weinberger says:

I really want this, as a runner, and a cyclist. sadly though for a $100 I would get a gaming keyboard to replace my awesome wireless solar powered one.

Taylor says:

hey now

Anonymous says:

If you’re having a great hair day, the two ass-ess are great.

ExtraChargedd says:


Darkopall says:

I don’t think i’ll be using them but still I WANT THEM!!

csilightning says:

Ear canal sounds better than ear hole.

Frank Thepug says:

I kinda want to get these they are really cool

John Southard says:

You jog in back alleys. What do you do back there

ItsJAKI says:

rip nokia

Smellavision says:

they sound really tinny and cheap. I guess you might feel somewhat safer about your surroundings being able to hear, but the sound quality alone is very unsatisfying.

MrPoldekrosmol says:

nope… not waterproof, can’t cycle in rain. Big fail imo

Marco Bertoni says:


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