Who killed the headphone jack: 2018 Year in Review

Remembering the days of yore.

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Biophosphorodellecrystalluminicent Archetype says:

Everyone is blaming Apple while LeEco quietly whistles in the background…

Chas X says:

The headphone jack is on one side of the phone so what does it have to do with the bezel less side?

carbonunit says:

Bluetooth headphones are trash.

Ezugo Obuekwe says:

Terrible video.

Also why not just use the 2.5mm J

Gaming With Ryan says:

One of the many reasons why i hate apple

rtswift says:

Everybody knows skinny jeans killed the headphone jack.

Javier Guilarte says:

This guy is a sellout. Come on, don’t tell me how much you miss the jack, while then telling me how great it is to not have it. Lets be real, losing a feature that works great is not an enhancement. Oneplus 6, LG’s are all screen phone with a jack, the issue is these greedy companies are trying to milk consumers to buy their “wireless” headphones. Its all about the money, that’s the only reason the headphone jack is dying. As a tech press employee, you represent the consumers, so stop spreading this garbage.

Gaius Concord says:

Nobody mentions the terrible microphone quality of Bluetooth headsets compared to the infinitely cheaper (often times included) 3.5mm headsets with an online microphone. The technology is not there yet, and frankly, I don’t ever see Bluetooth headsets with decent microphone quality ever approaching the same price point that their predecessors did.

Adeeb Md says:

They should give us bluetooth dongles in the box

SteelSkin667 says:

I don’t like the idea of wireless headphones, so I guess I’ll take a one-way ticket to dongleville when I inevitably end up with a smartphone without a 3.5 mm jack in my pocket.

Tae Hyun Kim says:

LG V40 DOES have a 3.5mm jack with QUAD DAC

ozzyg82 says:

Form over function?

Justin Lloyd says:

It’s DONG not DONGLE, everyone. My boss corrected me on that while we are in a meeting. I now call it a dong. I feel so stupid for calling it a dongle all these years. Can’t believe others are still doing the same. Sort of like saying Nuclear as “Nuke-u-ler”.

Kal-El Price says:

How made this video music? The music sounds great!!!

Velvet H. says:

Real reason is they’re switching the people to wireless products which actually brings a higher profit margin to the company coz we know wireless earphones are generally more expensive.

Not just that, as wireless earphone battery life tend to degrade quite rapidly over course of use, you would come to a point where you need to buy another new wireless earphone again which again is not cheap, so this boost the consumer electronic market further where manufacturers can profit more.

The sad fact is making phones are no longer that much profitable, phone makers have to find ways to increase their revenue besides just selling phones as the margins on smartphones are very low. Bluetooth audio products are something that’s very profitable and switching the ppl to wireless only benefits their revenue.

A very simple reasoning as to why this POV is stupid. We have wifi, 4G, 5G and of course development of unlimited G ahead, but are we gonna dropped wired fibre internet just because of that ? Simply it is not possible. No matter how fast wireless connectivity is becoming in the end, it is still not efficient and cost effective over our conventional wired fiber internet through those undersea cables. Now put thos scenario back into the headphone jack … you get the point

Sacto1654 says:

Of course, it does help with the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard, and wireless headphones will eventually go to supporting the new Bluetooth standard, which offers higher data transmission rates for better sound quality.

Roi Katz says:

BS. sorry but there is nothing better than a lag free non-compressed infinite battery life like a wired headphones.

Robin Turek says:

Watching this on my Note 9 with headphones that use the 3.5mm jack!!!

Yohanes Niko says:

make the phone THICKER, stack the audio jack behind the screen, put a larger battery, make the backside camera lenses FLUSH with the body. WIN WIN WIN solutions!

Douglas Smith says:

But it is possible to have the port. Might take a bit of work, but I believe if they put their minds to it, they could keep the jack. I enjoy my Bose plugged into the DAC on my LG.

YouTube ED says:

Were u a pimpleface back when ur a teenager?

Angultra says:

Until planes get BT in each seat and every car has BT we still need corded headphones and a jack.

VenerableEvil says:

Forcing the move for accessories. Still not a fan.

gmanxgh16 says:

Apple finally kill headphone jack this year 2018 with iPhone 6S iPhone SE. last iPhones with headphone jack.

jack black says:

Well Shitty Sound Lag and random Discounects. Wireless isn’t always realiable and its one more thing Ihave to worry about charging. All I want is to listen to music without worring that my headphones will run out of battery when I need them the most.

Hung Quang Tran says:

F*ck overkilled design. Overkilled design doesn’t solve problem. Great experience does, and overkilled design doesn’t bring great experience.

J Johnson says:

I stopped using my headphone jack long before it was taken away. This decision impacts me 0%.

gmanxgh16 says:

2 years ago People angry and upset Apple remove headphone jack now people gotta used too it. See knew that was going happen cause when Apple remove something people get angry and upset then they will get use to it. Apple done that in past under Steve Jobs when Apple remove floppy disk then disc drives on macs. It nothing new people will get over it eventually.

TheReal _ist says:

“At least its more palatable then it was a few year ago…” Hmmm I couldn’t imagine who made this reality a possibility??? Ohh ya perhaps its the idiots who had the “COURAGE” to give the middle finger to the market and say “No were moving this way”.

And what a surprise Apple wasn’t wrong, but please fanboys keep railing a company for Predicting the fucking future. All because your jealous of their success, someone’s life must suck doesn’t it little one??….

Daniel Rozeck says:

i don’t care i want my headphone jack

Woo Kim says:

I understand this video, completely my biggest complaint is to makers of wireless earbuds, make them more affordable. Good grief who wants to pay $200 a pop for earphones, especially when they don’t work as well as wired ones?

Mondzi says:

Using a headphone jack is like living in the Dark Ages. Bluetooth is more convenient. Having the wire stick out can damage anything if it’s dropped or hit against something because you don’t want to unplug it for a second. I like this better, and no one really cares about it except for gamers and producers, who would have used bluetooth only in the future anyway. This is the future.

metalhed27 says:

Shame on every idiot that purchased phones that first lacked the 3.5mm jack. Shame on all of you.

Md.Saidur Rahman says:

There is no alternative than a headphone jack.

BloxStar180 says:

Sucks that these headphone jacks are now gone. I always use 3.5mm jacks for every device I use. Apple’s lightning earphones piss me off because I can only use them on Apple devices, and nobody has made an adaptor that converts lightning to 3.5mm.

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