Vinci Headphone Review

Review of new Vinci headphones


edmundo096 says:

Mentioning a comparison with a Beats headphone isn’t favorable for the product. Thanks for showing it anyways; cleared many of my concerns about it.

donnytello says:

Is this a Pro or a Standard?

Steven Chow says:

I really enjoy these headphones . I have got never owned a Bluetooth headset. Although I have owned beats by Dre and a 500 dollar turtle beach gaming set along with countless cheap pairs. As you can imagine like the majority music enthusiasts I actually have struggled with poor sound, poor manufacturing and outrageous prices. These include great, happy with good sound. The sound is similar with many of the higher mid range competitors with smooth transitions and solid depth in bass . When put together with simplicity and fair pricing these are a fantastic purchase. These come in a carry case with extra sizes of buds in addition to a charging cord.

daironin says:

To answer questions, I believe this is the standard model, the reference to Beats headphones was that the integrity of the material, which wasn’t as consistent as that of Apple or Beats. The sound quality is quite good, and I’d rank it above Beats cans and even above the B&W P5 (my frame of reference)

Hung Le says:

wait… im backing the kickstarter right now. is it being sold already somewhere else?

derp herp says:

Is it out yet and if not, can you put up a link to the Kickstarter

Max Power says:

Please tell us if it is Basic or Pro.

Th. Io. says:

Almost 1.000.000$ funding on Kickstarter. People will fund anything portable with a touch screen…Probably one of the most unnecessary, unintuitive, poorly designed, overpriced gadget in recent memory. Enjoy your portable music toaster. Because radio frequencies (SAR) have to be literally on your head, not in your pocket. Everybody knows that. Plus you have all those chargers lying around lazily. Put them to good use. Another irreplaceable gadget that needs regular charging. Wonderful.

Jeff Thammavongsa says:

Is the screen always on, or is there an option to turn it off? Just don’t like that people can see what I’m listening to.

1ceb0xcfbl says:

I backed the Kickstarter pro version only to ‘get a spot’. There are 8 hours to go now and I’m now thinking of backing down. One of the many reasons why is because I don’t like the fact that my headphones can connect to WiFi or even cellular network. What’s that all about? They say it’s so that the headphones can connect to services such as spotify, soundcloud etc. But you can integrate those in your application, no need to put all those frequencies around your brain.

Build quality in this video confirms my doubts – it looks cheap, plastic, chinese and that screen looks at times that it doesn’t register touches. What’s that gap between the actual drivers part and the cup of the earphone? It looks horrible. Maybe they do sound awesome and the integrated dac and the 3d sound will actually make them one of the best sounding headphones but if they break in 2 months, who is going to fix them? From a kickstarter experience I can say that once these are out and in people’s hands, the company either moves on to the next project or they stop supporting it.

Anyway, I don’t believe these worth the 200$ – you get what you pay for and you can clearly see in this video they cut massive corners in order to include all those features.
Not to mention – who on earth adds fitness tracking services in a pair of headphones? If i want to know my heart rate, I won’t rely on these headphones, they clearly say to not rely on them if you have medical issues.

These headphones look like they are made to track you. They track where you go, what you say and your health status and I won’t be surprised if these data go into a chinese database for god knows what uses.

I backed not too long ago another pair of bluetooth headphones that does most of what these do but they look sleeker and they don’t have wifi/3g/heart rate/touch display while they do sound amazing. They are called FIIL Diva Pro.

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