V-MODA CROSSFADE II Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

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V-MODA has just announced their newest headphone called the V-MODA CROSSFADE II Wireless. These new headphones are the second iteration of their first over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones which we reviewed and found to be great for DJ and everyday use. The new V-MODA CROSSFADE II headphones adds the Cliqfold hinge to fold them down into a smaller footprint for transport/storage, new hi-res drivers, a slightly larger battery for longer use times, and larger-Deeper cushions for enhanced isolation. Click on our review link above to get the full review summary and Pro’s & Con’s of the V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Headphones.


Oscar Molina, M.D. says:

Awesome review! Jumped on to YouTube the moment I saw its release on Instagram. You are the first and only review of the Crossfade wireless II’s on YouTube.

ed tyler says:

got the first version and returned them immediately. they were advertised as over-ear but the cups were so small and I don’t have big ears either. The controls are awkwardly placed, so unnatural and they’re were a big creeky. (maybe manufacturing defect? idk). also, the cups don’t swivel, so long listening could be a bit of an issue and apparently the only improvement here is the APT-X codec (not the latest APT-X HD) and slightly bigger cups. battery still sucks compared to my 2013 Sonys which last for 30 hours+. hinges are sturdy and now with the Cliq-fold stuff that’s awesome. so, consider theawkward controls, battery and non-swiveling hinges before buying. one last thing, the APT-X Codec is only available on the rose gold version according to V-Moda’s site.

Christiovoncović Wilson says:

No gay shit I got a girlfriend but damn nigga you look sharp as fu**, love the haircut.

mlwmemphis says:

I’m so mad I just purchased my crossfade wireless 1 month ago lol. Should have waited.

Gloop says:

Great review! I’m looking for a solid pair of bluetooth headphones. I currently own the M50’s but want something wireless and with more bass and comfort.
Stuck between these, the QC35’s and the MDR 1000x ‘s

PhiLZeeY says:

@DJbooth DJ’s are these worth purchasing/upgrading if you already own the V-MODA CROSSFADE I?

Stego Saurus says:

thanks for reviewing these. I was up in the air about getting them. But the “less” bass is a no go for me. I’ll go ahead and get the Sennheisers instead. good looking out. Your review is the one I was waiting for…from one DJ to another. When your spinning house music you need bass…

N 10SZ says:

What does the Bluetooth transmitter look like? Can you use these wirelessly with a non-Bluetooth DJ Mixer?

abawitx says:

Just ordered for my trade in. Very glad they are so responsive to feedback about the clipfold desire from users. They have great customer service.

Hajawollda waschdalos says:

what!? less bass? i wished my m100 had a bit more bass and now this has less? pff im out.

Yuva Raj says:

can we connect them to smart tv ? or else refer me a blutooth headset which is better to watch movies on tv, thank u brother..

ClectaSkiMusic says:

Excellent video as always….

Jose Lugo says:

got your hands on the Denon SC5000 yet?

Julz D says:

Great video and an exciting addition to the V-Moda line. Out of these and the M-100’s which would you prefer in a DJ setting? I recently made the change from the Pioneer HDJ 2000’s to the M 100’s due to the sound being that extra bit fuller imo and wanted to know how these would compare. I tour a lot so sound quality is paramount. Should these surpass the M-100’s then I would certainly look to purchase.

Kelany Said says:

Great review. Do this new crossfade wireless 2 have NFC connectivity?

Leroy Frederick says:

Can the coiled cable for the M-100 work on the Crossfade II Wireless? keep up the good work, love your reviews, always informative.

Geoff Kissoon says:

how do these compare to the pioneer hdj 2000mk 2. please can you advise as I’m in the market for some high end dj phones. thankyou

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