Under Armour TRUE WIRELESS FLASH headphone review

Under Armour and JBL released the True Wireless Flash Headphones this year at CES2019. Time to see what they’re all about.


Alexis Lopez says:

I was expecting for a real review like show the box & accessories and how loud they are, how they sound etc, this was kinda pointless

FelipeAVgamer says:

Where can I buy those without being on the internet? Because I didn’t find any local store that sells them

Dominic Martinez says:

Can you listen with only one earbud? And is there any lag or latency when watching videos on YouTube or playing games like PUBG Mobile????

c man says:

I seen in there website 20 hours battery life

Xotic King says:

Love the video man but how come u didn’t show how to work the features


Great review GB! I need to check these out when the price drops. Agree 100% about headphone mic quality. The entire market with 2 or 3 rare exceptions need to step their microphone game up.

AceOfSpades678 says:

You talked about not being able to pause – I just tried with mine and all I had to do was press the button on the right ear piece once. I know it’s not “auto” pause but it is a simpler process than taking an earpiece out.

Michael Ibraheem says:

Is there any disconnection as they are bt 4.2 not 5 and how about bass is it good as i was considering sony 700n but low battery and older bluetooth keep me out

Shadowbladeassassin says:

Can someone tell me if both ear pods have a mic or just one?

c man says:

Dude got mine turned up the base and shit is perfect

Propoza Brand says:


Propoza Brand says:

I also like to hear music as loud as possible.
Which TRUE WIRELESS headphones do you recommend that sound good and have high volume?

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