Under Armour- Project Rock- Headphones Review

A quick review of the new Under Armour- Project Rock- Headphones.


Project Rock – https://tinyurl.com/y9vxjzff
JBL Sport Train – https://tinyurl.com/yd58dxgk


Raphael Rivera says:

Thank you didn’t know that. Now I will look up the cheaper version to save me some money.

PandaBerenang says:

tbh.. you compare with beats? another crappy brand? should you actually compare it with at least, sennheiser? or Audio Technica? that is the entry level brand for sort of “headphone”. beat, sony is all funky toys headphone brand. TOYS! and Under Armour? another TOYS. please do more research on what is actually a headphone. reviewing a commercial toy is not the same as reviewing audiophile stuff. with 250usd? you can get even better actual headphone.

dead pool says:

Naw… Bose or Sony

Abel Gonzalez says:

The rock edition are water resistant and Works with Google assistant and siri were the other version does not

Gabriel Morales says:

They tweaked the rock editions to have more bass I mean idk if thats any more reason to spend the $50. At best buy that’s how they were marketed but I dont see that wording on the packaging itself.

Luke Chernesky says:

$50 extra for brahma bull worth it

Kristof Lenaers says:

someone of jbl said that the jbl edition and the rock edition are not the same, the rock is more bass heavy

Juan Hidalgo says:

The rock single handily killed the fast and furious franchise.

Frantzo Marco says:

I suggest you keep these headphones unless you looking to find out how painful the people’s elbow really is

Basel Raslan says:

great review. thanks

janet jackson says:

it would be a collector’s item if you love the rock. i purchased a michael jackson portable record player back in 1979. it was of good quality and the needle was of excellent quality. i know i paid extra for the michael jackson signature but i loved mike so …. BUT LOOK AT ME NOW. i think you support your loves and your loves support you back.

Louis Lieu says:

The new ones ( white ) have noise cancelling!

win chua says:

I wish it has a better noise isolation

Jin Oh says:

Its normal for special edition tech to cost more than the non special edition.

Johnny says:

JBL/UA douche move.

Aaron Nguyen says:

Haha good review man. Just got them myself and I don’t mind the $50 extra to support the Rock 😉

Tom Grindle says:

Dwayne Johnson does a ton for charity and for others, so i will continue to support him. The fact that you returned them and you waited all the way until the end to bash them tells me i do not need to watch anymore of your reviews. I wish there was less people like you doing reviews.

dave brown says:

I got for Christmas so I didn’t pay… Just waiting for them to arrive and was curious for some feedback. I’m hearing positive stuff and if price really is the only things down, I didn’t pay so sweet! But an extra 50 to support the rock and hmget the bull design is worth it.

Dadalordman 1 says:

I think the Rock would call you a candyass

Sinestro Corp Reborn says:

Ya because you really need workout headphones, I bet you think a gym is an all male bathhouse and nothing more.

Acatl33 says:

The Rock: “Hey Alex what do you think of my headphones?”

Alex: “Well there $50 more expen…”


Daniel says:

I bought them and returned for the solo 3 cuz they were on sale and the solos have 40 hour battery life and stay in your head just as well

Matt C. says:

You think someone with big head would not like these? My cap size is 7.5

Thomas Volpe says:

I got the rock ones, spend some money dude .

Rolando Garcia says:

Fanboy right there

Richard Murray says:

The rock edition is more bass heavey then the 199 $, I have both, Its even stated on the website.

Socal Living says:


DuoX says:

JBL headphones are better than beats at every tier. The 50 dollar wireless ones are better than the Beats solos.

Scott Castle says:

Bad battery life and feel cheap.

Edwin Salgado says:

I waited about 2 months to receive mine and now I’ve had them for about 3 weeks I loved everything about these headphones from build quality to all the features but I’m returning them now because I can’t stand the fact that these headphones aren’t loud they are decent at best. The Beats Solo 3 are louder and sounds way better in my opinion and I hate Apple products. I have been looking for over the head sweat-proof headphones forever and when I saw these I thought they were it but I just can’t deal with the music being so low especially because I love being in my zone with music blasting in my ears to get that great pump. I have a in ear skully candy headphone that I got from Ross for 7 dollar that are louder and I didn’t even mind the 50 dollars extra because I love the rock stuff I’ll buy a pair again when they improve the sound quality that match the price.

Marlin White says:

Why would you be wearing headphones for more than an hr

Chad McLeod says:

Uh, “The Rock” doesn’t need support. He’s right, $50 for a logo, crazy! Under Armour are the same thang man! Oh, I got the Soul workout headphones. $90 and comfortable for workout or for whatever.

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