Turtle Beach Stealth 500P Gaming Headphone – Review

One thing a lot of gamers take for granted is audio. upgrading your listening experience is easy with a little research. While the market for headsets can seem a little daunting, Turtle Beach’s Stealth 500P’s can serve as the perfect entry point for Playstation fans. Though its counterpart the 500X for Xbox fans styles the same name, the set-up, functions and more make the 500p’s a unique wireless set-up.






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Anthony Kelly says:

DONT BUY!!!!!!! Cheap plastic for an expensive headset!!!!!!  Mine broke within 4 months.

anthony mcneal says:

How did you get that wallpaper of the galaxy on your PS4

UprisingYT says:

Why is the headset on top of a Xbox 1 controller lol

giovanny says:

Does it tell u when you change the modes

Donald_342 says:

Yo what ever mic your using is trash

Total Chaos says:

great review

HnS Games says:

What is that theme you have on your PS4?

rawrzbarz says:

Great headphones when it comes to sound cause you can hear EVERYTHING but just make sure you buy these with a warranty cause they’re cheap AF due to the bands breaking Easily. Also good review

Secret Agent says:

you put the Mic on the wrong side xD

kendell511 says:

When I try it wireless the mic doesn’t show that it’s ok but I can hear myself so what do you think is wrong

DiMosHigh says:

good review. this is my fav headset.

Roman M says:

so why i cant switch 7.1 sound on ps4, it shows only 5.1 option

György Varga says:

Everytime I change volume fast (up and down) on the headset it makes cracking noises (especially hearable when the volume is loud and I am at the PS4 main menu).
Anyone else experiencing this problem? Or could you check that yours doing it too?
Thank you very much!

iixtrinityxii415 says:

okay so i got my new tb 500p today but I noticed that they sound really bad with the chat audio idk why but they sound better with all chat why is there something wrong with them

DJ Productions says:

Does anyone agree the 400’s are better?

herohunter81 says:

You had the microphone plugged into the wrong side.

kendell511 says:


Carys Robson says:

Is it comfortable?

aguinaldo713 says:

what is that ps4 theme it looks awesome?

Dizzy says:

After 6 months the bridges broke off it does not charge unless you put it in a certain position like always turtle beaches break easily ffs third turtle beach to break and less then 1 year having them .

H4v0c 21 says:

i own these and you dont have to connect the cord into the back of the ps4 and these work with any device with a 3.5mm jack or a usb port not just a ps4. I use them on my phone, ps4, ps3, and pc. BTW mic goes in the other side lol.

MegaSharif2010 says:

Does it keep noises in the area out? So how does it perform on noise cancelling?

Mackenzie Smart says:

He got sponsored by turtle because that shit ain’t true

Cortlandt Overbay says:

how do you resink them to the wireless piece ? lost mine while moving ha and trying to figure that out

Gal Krisztian says:

Is it really surround sound?Does it make a difference against stereo sound when it comes to CoD?Are they worth it?

Sponge says:

Does it work on pc?

Золотой Бриллиант says:

Was. He using a one or a blue yeti?!?!?

GrandRatio says:

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うおくん says:

There is no opticalcable in PS4slim.
what should I do?

Dominic1999 says:

What PlayStation theme is that?

Ali Mahdi says:

im using it on my pc.
do you have any idea how can I turn off the headset flashing lights ?

Killinemsoftly504 says:

did you have any problem pairing this headset? mine thry turn off when I try to pair the ro the transmitter..

black boom says:


u. sidd says:

Thanks a lot I took this headset

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