Top 6 BEST ACTIVE Noise Cancelling Headphones – 2018

Sony 950BTN1 –
Sennheiser PXC 550 –
Sennheiser 4.50BTNC –
Bose QC35ii –
Sony 1000xm2 –
Bowers & Wilkins PX –

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Best Active Noise Cancelling Headphones !!

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Glen Thomson says:

Hey jimmy, can you review the b&o H9? would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Wim Foblets says:

The Sony is on my shopping list when traveling to NY ( Feb 2018 ) anybody who can recommend a good place to get one ? what about international Warranty / any dif between brands ?

Adrian Nugroho says:

Hey, I have bose qc 35 about a year now, but now the switch is broken, It broken by it self. I just put it on thecase for about a month and when I want to use it Ifound the switch already broken. Before I send it to Bose, I try to hard push the button to swich it on, and it works. Then I send this to bose and now they said that the pcb of the swich already broken, so they couldn’t repair it. I really bose user, But now I really disapointed with bose qc35 product. Actualy I want to buy bose qc35 II but after this review I really want to give a try for sony. It would be interesting

René Vilandt says:

Another great video. I’m so torn what ANC Headphones to get, I’m really choosing between Sony WH100XM2 and Bose QC 35. This video was perfect in helping me narrow it down to just two choices. But damn it hard to decide what to go for:)

Andrew Kraft says:

Here’s my comparison of Bose QC35 vs Sony 1000XM2:After over a year with my QC35’s I decided to see if there were any newer noise cancelling over the ear headphones I could upgrade to. After watching countless reviews it was pretty clear that the new Sony 1000XM2’s we’re the new king of this category. Everyone recommended them over the used to be kings QC35’s. So I decided to spend the money and see if it was an upgrade. Before I move on I want to give a little background. I work in injection molding inside a clean room. The room I work in is very loud. Two presses are constantly making parts, and more than 10 robots assemble them . It is very noisy. They encourage us to wear headphones, but they can’t be in ear and we can’t take our cellphones out while in the clean room. This is why I needed over the ear, noise cancelling and with the ability to be totally controlled from the headset. So after going over reviews last year I bought the QC35’s. I love them, best headphones I ever bought. But I wear them 8 hours a day, plus on my way to and from school and any other time I am driving far. So I put allot of miles on them. So, here are the winners of each category and why: Noise Cancelling: Sony XM2- Quite a bit better than my QC35s. They also have more options to customize your noise cancelling. You can switch between on, off and ambient sounds. This is very helpful in my job.
Sound: Sony XM2- They are louder and have better clarity. Every range is better than the QC35s.
Comfort: Bose QC35- The Bose are more comfortable. They fit over my ear better and just feel better. The leather around the ear is softer.
Features: Sony XM2- They have by far better features.
Distance: Sony XM2- By a mile… My Bose had horrible range. The Sony’s can go a long way away from my phone before los9ng connection. With the Bose if I was a couple rooms away I would get disturbance.
Controls: Sony XM2- I was worried about touch controls because I wear cleanroom gloves all day. But they are amazing! Very easy and super responsive. Bose controls are good too, just not as good.
Winner: Sony XM2

Dakkul Tech says:

Ful bluetooth wireless go hard though.

Karl Green says:

The BOSE build quality is trash. BOWSERS AND WILKINS PX are way better!

ycz04x02 says:

When you can pick any of those headphones to use since you already own them and your daily driver is different from your recommended #1 pick, something is already wrong right there. It’s like you have 5 girls and you have to pick one as your wife, if you recommend one girl as the “best” for others to pick yet you chose for yourself another to marry… you get the point.

Terence Tai says:

B & W really need to make their headphone more comfortable in order to be considerable. I would pick Sony or Bose anytime. SQ for Sony, comfort for Bose. The new B&O H9i maybe something in the radar u should give it a listen, can’t comment that because I haven’t tried that. But the H6 FROM b&o is one the best wired headphone in the price range.

David Holahan says:

Thank you, Jim, for the very professional reviews. I have tried most of these headphones ( Thanks Amazon ). While I loved #3(S550), and #1( Sony1000xM2) , in the end, the touch controls drove me insane, AND Bose also is the only one that tells you what is happening, and has multi-point connections. I cannot understand why headphones in the Top5 price range don’t have the little voice telling you what is happening. The Bose QC35 does everything, sounds great and is by far the most comfortable!

Thanks again for your incredible work 🙂

Michael Byrd says:

Happy Saturday! So, I’m looking to buy asap.. The Sony xb950n1 seem like the best for the money, however I’m scared of them breaking. I’m not rough with my belongings, but know there will be a time or two were I pull them off excitedly or fall asleep thus crushing them in my sleep.. Can you verify they don’t break as easy as I’m thinking or reading?

A Ivy says:

Great cinematography

Tai Nguyen says:

Ive just watched the top 5 of last year and this video. I gotta say, you deserve more subs my dude

Kuno Fencker says:

Why haven’t you testet the Beoplay H9i yet? Any plans on doing so soon?

TheJman8695 says:

Hi Jim, just curious, I know Beats are hated throughout the audiophile community, but what exactly is bad about them?

Pete Davis says:

Thanks Jimmy I am going out tomorrow to buy new headphones and your review helped a lot, keep up the good work

Richard Igbinoba says:

JImsReviewRoom: I’m so grateful for this Channel and Reviews …. You really helped me a lot In my purchase of Noise cancelling Headphones From the list of 6 … I already have 4 within the space of 3 months though not from this channel but from your previous ones …. They are quite expensive so I normally go for the open box … My last on the list that I just bought Is Bowers & Wilkins PX Which is on the way.

My List
Bose QC351
Sennheiser PXC 550
Sony 1000xm1
Bowers & Wilkins PX

kharl92 says:

Just bought a sony WH1000x and tbh honest i didnt think they sounded better than my beats studio 2s… yes the ANC and features are nice but i dont thibk i was worth the puchase atm.

Thinking of returning it.

Tairo Bravo says:

You need to test Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Vince Serrano says:

Hi Jim Im looking for new headphones and I was thinking of going with the qc 35. The problem is that my phone does not have a headphone jack (for when I want to listen to it wired). Do you know if there will be noise cancelling headphones coming out that include usb c listening?

Lior Elisha says:

Thank you for your detailed review! your channel is great!!
the Sony 1000XM2 are my favourites too!

I Hope to buy one! I’ll use your Affiliate link to do it.

Uygar Can says:

Yo Jimmy thx for the video man. You’re awsome.
Which headphone do you recommend for studying? I have a QC35 but I can still hear turning pages of other students around me.

Dimas Henriquez says:

Hey I’m in the market for quality ANC headphones for the gym and listening to loud music at night without disturbing the wife and baby. Im a huge Bose fan and I’m getting seriously geeked at the ideal of buying the Bose QC35ii. One issue though, I went to Bestbuy to try out the ones on display and they just didn’t seem loud. Is there any chance that the display headphones weren’t running at full battery or just overly abused?

Rockindaxmike says:

Very tough decision for me. I want the comfort of the Bose and the sound quality and features of the Sony’s. I’ve tried the Bose and was underwhelmed with listening to music. I do listen to music everyday (mostly hip hop and EDM) but its not close to the amount of podcast/youtube videos/movies i watch. I also travel and i always hear how the QC 35’s are not noticed at all you just fall asleep with them.

uncle ankie says:

God.. I need these head phones..I have so many dumb mother fuckers around my my work. .etc..either their slamming things around ..talking loud. .don’t know when to shut the fuck up..ever been in a apartment where someone wash the dishes late at night like their fuckin possesd..

vijaiyakumar nadarajah says:

QC35 or Sony MDR 1000X. Hard choice

Bunchheng Sreng says:

Bro jbl headphone vs song headphone .which want better?

Gregory Beau says:

What about MASTER & DYNAMIC????????????

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