Top 5 On-ear Headphones Review – Best On-ear Headphones for 2016

Best on-ear headphones review compares features, comfort and sound quality [Links Below]

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In this review I compare the Sennheiser Urbanite, V-MODA XS, Beats Solo 2, Sehheiser Momentum and the Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones. It’s hard to pick a clear winner overall, as these each have their strengths and weaknesses. However, there are some clear winners for different categories which is what I focus on for this review. If you’re interested in a more thorough review about any of these headphones then be sure and check out the individual reviews listed below.


Sennheiser Urbanite On-ear
Reviewed here

Reviewed here

Sennheiser Momentum On-ear
Reviewed here

Bose SoundTrue On-ear
Reviewed here

Beats Solo 2
Reviewed here


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LIttLE_ WiNG_ says:

Brilliant review thank-you, what mic are you using though? it doesn’t sound very good.

stephen kadlec says:

i dont get you at all you have three very good headphones with sennheiser and vemodem but beats and bose no thats just bad on you for trying sell these as good phones try again

theborgv says:

He actually has beats on the list. Haha. What a noob.

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

Best ON EAR  and you have Beats and NO  Bower n Wilkins P series ??? hmmm ok

Spencer Phelps says:

Ok, so I learned today about how the name brand headphones like monster, skull candy, ear pollution, beats etc. are not as reputable as something like Berydynamic, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and AKG. So now hearing about all these high end headphone companies, I tend to listen to more edm/electronic (I listen to Edm the most), pop, hip hop, and rock so my question for anyone listening is: in terms of quality (harmony and vibrant yet distinctiveness of the instrumentals, sharp and crisp vocals, and a good/decent bass) and considering the genre’s of music I listen too, what headphones would you recommend would be the best fit for me? I tend to prefer sound and durability.

welcome to canary world says:

This type of headphone will bluetooth or phone or we need to download music to it⁉⁉

David Colgrove says:

Great and thorough review! Really helped me narrow my choice (Urbanite). As an ‘audiophile’, I really appreciate your tonal descriptions of these cans! Wish I found this video earlier in my search. Keep up the good work!

Giorgio Deco says:

Hey guys sorry for my ignorance but I have to ask you if is it worth to buy over $50 headphones to listent to youtube/spotify music in 160kbps… will there still be an improved audio quality or due to the low music-video quality the sound sucks just like with ultra cheap headphones? Thanks

Thor's games says:

You should add Audio technica m50x. they are the best that I have ever had and I have owned all of the ones you have listed.

Samuel Pray says:

having owned beats, bose and vmoda. I’d say for $300 vmoda has the best quality sound without its emphasis on heavy bass

Alex Dick says:

No Grado? Hurumph…

Kayla Rose says:

This guy is seriously underappreciated.

Yu Yaoyang says:

Sennheiser momentum 1st gen or momentum 2.0?

sukc dolev says:

the senhiser are the best

missxxmissxx says:

These are my first expensive headphones (over $70). I got the plum/purple one as a gift and I love them! It sounds so crisp and gets loud. The bass is great but not so much that it gets muddled and distorted. The sound is clear, all music genres sound great and movies sounds perfect. I put on my old skullcandy uproxx headphones to compare and I can really see how horrible and muddled they are compared to the urbanites. My jvc and apple earpods don’t sound as good either, though the earpods are not on ear so can’t really compare them.

I had a gaming headset for around $65, it had a boom mic, a vibrating bass mode called quadboost which used batteries and it also had lights on the earcups. They sounded not great but nice. The build quality felt cheap like it could break any moment. I thought the boom mic was removable but it wasn’t, I wanted headphones I could use for other things and didn’t want to walk around with a big boom mic. The batteries always drained to fast. I had to fiddle with it each time I used it in my iPad because it wouldn’t automatically work and sometimes didn’t at all. I said enough is enough and took it back. Now I use the urbanite for gaming and everything sounds perfect. No gimmicks just great headphones. Explosions and ambient sounds on gta 5 sound great.

I did have to buy a $30 universial cord from sennheiser so that I could use it on my ps4 because I had the apple version of the headphones and the ps4 does not work with apple style headphones/cords. The cord works just as perfect as the original cord. I keep both cords incase something happens to one or I want to use the apple cord on my iPad/iPhone.

Mert Ergin says:

it was a perfect review thank you so much!

Emilio Muniz says:

any chance you have done a vid on the AKG K 182’s??

Pedro Rodriguez says:

Hey, hifi heaven thank you for the review, I would like to know which one is your favorite, I’m thinking about buying the bose, but I like the good sound and fidelity in the speakers. Please help me!

Stephane Gauthier says:

What would you say is the best overall (not necessarily just the ones in this review) in terms of sound isolation? I’m trying to block out “annoyances” at work and I don’t care how much it’s going to cost.

Johnny Jouha says:

mine fav is solo 2s

AudiS4orce1 says:

How could you even add a crappy Beats headphone to a top 5 comparison? They’re by far the most over prices piece of audio equipment one can buy with incredibly poor build quality and cheap material. With this ONE review you lost all credibility!

george awaijan says:

What about the AKG y50? Should I go for those or the urbanite?

sukc dolev says:

amazing review

Sergio Medrano Cueto says:

Wich of these headphones have better soundstage?

xtrariter says:

What an awesome review

Richi Chan says:

Thank you very very much . This is exactly what I needed. I highly appreciate this video!
Greeting Richi 🙂

Arthur Watts says:

I agree with the majority of your Solo2-Urbanite-Momentum comparison, but unlike many reviewers I found the Urbanite too artificial-sounding, despite the initial ‘oh wow’ sound signature. If I could have the Momentum’s super comfortable earpads with the Solo2 bass and Audio-Technica’s sweet treble, I’d be in portable headphone heaven 😀

JimmyBobbie DeralJoe666 says:

Dude where have you been?? My Creative Fatal1ty set that i grabbed for $25 sound better than dre beats……..

Deadson says:

my solo 2s broke in half a year lmfao, plz don’t buy them. I know people give great reviews on them but I also hear a ton of people complain about how the right ear cup stops working after a while, which is exactly what happened to mine.

Alex D. da Silva says:

This was well done and very informative. Thank you!
I decided to give the urbanite a go. I use headphones while painting and I’m looking for isolation and music depth for jazz, classical, some contemporary rock and hip hop.
A little concerned about the weight and comfort, since usually I’ll wear it for a few hours, but I’ll try it and get back here with my experience.

cheeriomartinez says:

any advice on over ear headphones that dont hurt with glasses?

Nineq 96 says:

B&W eat those in any day of the week

Eddie Blank says:

Must do with over ears

stacey bezek says:

I love the bose sound true

Farsom S says:

The fact that you have Beats in this video says one of two things. You are a idiot or you are just a really bad audiophile. Beats don’t belong anywhere. You could buy a pair of headphones for 20 bucks that sounds the same.They at least have a pretty good sound stage but that’s it. The build quality of all beats is pure trash.

Rishikesh Jaiswal says:

hifiheaven .. i am really confused with BOSE SOUNDTRUE and Sennheisser headphones … i like EDM music but at the same time my playlist might have a song with lot of vocals … means … when the music is EDM the bass should be awesome and when the music is of other genre even that should sound awesome… DAMN confused …

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