Top 5 BEST Workout Headphones 2017

➡ Jaybird X3:
➡ Beats Powerbeats3:

– Bose SoundSport:

– Jaybird Freedom:

– Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

– Jaybird X2:
– Powerbeats2:
– Bose SoundTrue:
– JLab Epic2:
– Monster iSport:

– Beats Solo3:
– Bose SoundLink:
– Beats Solo2:
– Monster iSport Freedom:

Top 5 Best Workout Headphones 2017 / Top 5 Best Sport Headphones 2017. In this video, I run through the Top 5 Best Workout Earphones – Jaybird, Beats, Bose and Plantronics all make the list. By the way, I stuck to the best in-ear headphones on this one but you can see some of the best on-ear headphones above. In determining the top 5, I take into account price, sound quality, durability, compatibility, fit, and comfort. A few of these might even make the list for Best Wireless Headphones 2017 / Best Sport Headphones 2017. I have done reviews for each of these products so make sure you check those out below:

Beats Powerbeats3 Review:–A2aZYRU0

Jaybird X3 Review:

Jaybird Freedom Review:

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Review:

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Magazin Vita Grössler says:

Bluetooth Headset Top Seller Soundbeast©

DetectorOCD says:

Great channel and format. Subbed!

Carlos Sousa says:

100$ – affordable
I wish

Silent Hightimes says:

Dude said Beats was the best. HAHA, new channel.

Redouan Djeebet says:


Justin Hicks says:

How about Samsung gear icon x? Is the best workout too??

TheSilentRoar says:

What about Audio Technica Sport 4?

Paul Fuller says:

Planetronics are bs they sucked I’ve been very happy with the tone infinium for almost a year close to perfect for daily use curious about powerbeats 3 though.

String Bean says:

Dislike, says 2017, posted in 2016. Remake please.


Just picked up the X3 and I’m liking it. It’s holding a better charge than the Freedoms

Lee Mathison says:

Quality poor mine lasted just over 12 months Apple Support disappointing would not buy bears again

Mdm573529 says:

Power beats 3 suck fucking ass. Sweat breakes them ive gone through 4 in one year

JoshKing says:

These are earphones not headphones

NewGen Art says:

I was wondering which headphone is the best for swimming, the pool is not that deep. I appreciate your help in advance thank you

viciousweasel says:

how about beoplay h5?

VENTEX says:

Beats sucks!!! after 3 month of use they began to works weird. I run and at least for running this are not the best..For sure are one of the most expensive tho.!!!! hahaha

Crypto News Network says:

We dont care about dumb iphone 7 user anyway they choose to turn their back to jack

Denmon says:

beats as the top pick, gtfo xD

jasonp825 says:

I respect your opinion but I’ve had the beats and hated them. I bought Jaybird X2’s and loved them but I’m on my third pair from various issues (customer service is great). I finally bought a “cheap pair” of Phaiser Blue tooth BHS-750’s for $35 and I honestly can’t tell the sound difference between them and the Jaybirds I paid $169 for. I’m sold on the Phaisers.

Jage JG says:

Try TaoTronic products. I’ve tried several and have enjoyed them all! Their wireless earbuds are easy to use, well designed, and has good noise cancelation. For about $30 they’re my favorite brand of cheap earbuds. I find myself using these more than my Bose.

VideoPine says:

99 dollars is not budget, budget is 30-40 dollars tops.

Matt Brown says:

Powerbeats short circuit if you sweat too much don’t buy if you sweat a lot

Михаил Кузьминов says:

Headphones with bone conduction.

Bernard Poindexter says:

*FUCKING FAGGOT* they ain’t headphones they earbuds you dumb cock sucker

Rick Revoir says:

I notice you didn’t include the Bose soundsport & soundsport pulse. Wtf ??

Made Malee says:

i wont spend more than $40 for a headphone.. why not check something like the xiaomi wireless bluetooth sport headset which is sweat proof and goes at sub 20 range and gearbest does worldwide shipping as well. here you go


Air pods also works perfectly but it’s earplug not inside ear, so it not so soundproof, give my one chance more i will buy this one:

Malik R Washington says:

I love this channel man!

Warren Buckley says:

Quick note for anyone reading this. The Powerbeats 3 are notorious for dying if you sweat a lot during workouts. Checkout other reviews people leave on sites like BestBuy, or check out Apple forums if you want some convincing.


I just picked up the freedoms and I’m getting an hour worth for maybe 75% volume so not sure why. I want to return it for the powerbeats 3 but I heard it’s a rip off so not sure. I love the sound quality but for under an hour doesnt cover my entire workout which is a little over an hr

Joshua Alvarenga says:

Powerbeats 3 would be great if they didn’t have batter shorting out issue. I have replaced 3 time in 1 year

Annie Borden says:

It’s hard to catch you live so glad for notifications to watch at my leisure. Thanks, Matt.

Bert Tejero says:

Jaybird bluebuds X WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!, audio quality hard to be beaten, but man, the best of that brand and last to me no more than 5 months, one bud started to mute… Sweat resistant my ass… And believe me, I treated them like a baby’s ass.

BigTallCoolOne says:

Power Beats 3 suck. I️ bought one set and had to take them back 3 or 4 times and they will work for a day then start messing up because of the sweat.

Dani del Real says:

Pretty much the best video on wireless earbuds.

Andreas Elia says:

isn’t this an earbuds? there’s no headphones here

Daddy Hitman says:

Blueant ist actually pretty good. I have one and i’m pretty happy with it. 🙂

happyface allday says:

hi ,can you recommend a pair of non bud headphones for Kickboxing/boxing  bag/pad workouts and cross training? can’t stand the buds in my ears.thanks.

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