Top 5 BEST Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones !

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Sennheiser PXC 550
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Bose QC35
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Sony MDR-1000x
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Seennheiser Wireless Momentum 2.0
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Parrot Zik 2.0
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Best Active noise cancelling headphones
Best wireless headphones

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EJ techno01 says:

i want this so bad!

SS M says:

You can now cut off the noise cancellation on the bose, via the bose connect app

Владислав Чуй says:

I have Sony 1000X, bought Beats studio, returned it same day, got Sony, as its really better

Dan Kg says:

This guy looks like Donnie Yen

uditanshu shukla says:

Can u suggest any one between the pxc 550 and bose qc35..

MURSHID .K says:

I like a little bass boisted sound signature. So everyone suggests momentum 2.0 wireless. But it doesn’t have features to listen to the ooen world like mdr1000x have. I think Pxc 550 does has this feature. So which one do you suggest? I know the anc in oxc550 is better. But does oxc550 provide momentum like bass boosted audio performance?

Molly Sutter says:

another great pair of noise cancelling headphones are Solitude Headphones. I bought them recently and they are by far my favorite pair that i have ever tried..not to mention how reasonable they are.

Isaac Lozano says:

Hey Jim, 1st of all, I love your videos, you were the one who got me into ANC Headphones, I have a question, what is the difference between Active and Adaptive Noise Cancellation? I noticed some headphones like the Beats Studio feature adaptive NC, what are the differences?

Honda Hoon says:

I went to Best Buy last week and tried both the Sony mdr & the qc35…the Sony ones that they had on display were way louder than the Bose, and I found the anc feature to block out more outside noise than the bose. So, I brought the Sony mdr’s and they actually don’t even sound louder than the ones they had on display. I’m thinking bout returning them today

Dariusz Rybicki says:

I would agree that Sony MDR-1000X is the best choice, if not the poor build quality. I have got mine replaced the same day I bought them, but second unit was not better. It seems that plastic materials the headband is made of are not well fitted. The result is I can hear squeaky noises when I wear MDR-1000X and slightly move my head. The noises comes from plastic headband. It’s not only my impression, a lot of people complain on MDR-1000X build quality. There are even hints on Sony’s discussion forum how to eliminate mentioned issues with baby powder and sandpaper, which seems ridiculous. In my opinion this is unacceptable in a product that expensive, which supposed to be premium. Apart of this, Sony’s are noticeable heavier and not as comfortable as other wireless headphones on the market, but I found it acceptable and it’s probably more of a personal preference.

riddickj16 says:

I’m looking for headphones for listening to music(hip hop) and playing games will either of the sennheiser you listed in this video be a good choice?

Bla Bla says:

Jim, I have one question, is the sound profile noticeable and should I but the sony’s because they have better bass because I love the Bose’s but I was wondering if the slightly better bass would be worth it.

FindBest Headphone says:

thats helpful. please check my reviews also

Michal Sledzik says:

Please help me 🙂 bose QC35 or Sennheiser PXC 550???


Out of Bose and Sony, which one offers better sound quality and more bass?

beastfocker says:

yo you live in Charlotte NC??


So my bf likes to play the tv loud and go to bed late. I get up at 4am for work. Do they make headphones that will Wi-Fi from the tv he can wear so once get my sleep?

BBN says:

I got the Sony MDR1000x. It’s like buying a new phone. I mean if I can spend that much on a Galaxy edge, I should get something good to go along.

ePlug says:

You say there’s no way to turn off the noise cancellation feature on the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones…but I own a pair and that exactly what the switch on the side of the right cup is meant for. I know you say you test these out before-hand, but maybe you should at least figure out what it’s capable of before reviewing it.

AZGRIM says:

Bose 35

Jinyang Wang says:

How about B&O H9?

Harkanwar Singh says:

Check out these for a cheap( comparatively) and better Bluetooth headphones on Indiegogo

and you guys can get a 50% discount on your headphones.


M- Fahad says:

is it safe to use wireless headphones ?

Iver Antelo says:

excelente, ahora ya se que me puedo comprar gracias !!!

hameed says:

The sony’s crack 🙁 Defective

Jeremy James says:

Your videos are my go to before I purchase items. Thanks for your videos keep up the great work!

Ckador says:

Unfortunately… The Sony MDR 1000x have a big issue… Durability

Boris says:

Bose qc35: Great ANC & best comfort. Flat/neutral sound signature (not for bass lovers). Has basic features, but lacks customization options/advanced features. Best travelling headphones.

Sony MDR 1000x: Great ANC & good comfort. Great sound signature with more emphasis on bass. Has more features for customization. Best all round headphones.

But if you’re gonna spend $300+ for a set of premium headphones, don’t just rely on reviews. Try them out for yourself. Listen to them in store, see how they make you FEEL. Because at the end of the day, you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying the experience.

John Nguyen says:

Just received my wireless momentum 2.0 from ebay NEW for $260. Was looking into a new pair of headphones and saw your videos. I absolutely love my Sennheiser. My first pair of Senns actually. Your reviews are great, keep up the good work.

sarath mohan says:

Jim doesn’t make videos. He make movies.

Kesh Kumar says:

Why is stuff so expensive nowadays,anyway great review mate.

Ibs Q says:

Bose app now allows you to turn Noise cancelling on and off on the QC35’s

Clint Eastwood says:

I love my Bose QC35 the noise cancelling is amazing, super confortable and an unbelievable sound quality!!

Ty Ger says:

Hands down one of the best reviewers on YouTube.

Ian Dave Manguira says:

someone won the sony cans and sold it fo $100 I was late by 3min, he sold it $80 to some guy and I was offering $90 :V

Herbert .Gatchalian says:

do you have a top 5 non bluetooth wireless headphone review?

kheyseed says:


Trevor Hunter says:

Which headphone would you say is the most durable? Had a pair of bose qc20 or 25 I don’t remember and qc20i (whichever one the earbud ones are) and both eventually wore out either on the ear pads or wires. They just weren’t very durable and I didn’t even use them while exercising. I need something that will last a long time and something that will block out this next deployment on a ship.

Nawaf M says:

What’s the headphones stand he uses?? Looks pretty cool x3

Naresh Bhat says:

QC35 Bose

Timothy Hudson says:

The Zik Parrot 2 is a great deal at 125 from Amazon, originally sold for $400. The ANC is as good as Bose, it’s phenomenal especially knocking out bass. The sound is excellent when tweaked with the app. The only issues many will not like is battery life and comfort. They can get heavy on the skull from the metal at the top after a while.

Ethan Nguyen says:

Jimmy u can understand vietnamese right

lonelywuffy says:

Which one of these doesn’t give you that pressure feeling inside your ear.

kuji kardava says:

does noise cancelling also means that no one near me will hear a music sound?

Tk C says:

Yay I brought the Sony’s last week

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