This Review Shut Down an Entire Company – KANOA Review

KANOA Review – Honest Review of KANOA Wireless Earbuds

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Funky Chicken says:

How sad of a company is this. Well…what’s left of their company anyway. The founder took all that crowdsourcing money and is probably living in a fancy loft in the Bay Area with a brand new Tesla in his private garage.
The saddest part is how crappy the unfinished product was. A “hand picked” review unit was nothing more then a Mickey Mouse POS with little to no innovation thought through. You could have literally went on Alibaba and found a small start up company in Shenzhen to make these for you. Give them the specs, cost and design ideas and they would have had a preproduction model shipped back to you in 6 weeks. Narrow down the spec and you could be in production within 90 days. How the fuck did these idiots take 2 years and still not have a finished product?
For fucks sake Lavar Ball can have a his sneakers up and running for Big Baller Brand in 6 months and these guys can’t get their shit strait after 2 years!? When you make Lavar Ball look like a Fortune 500 CEO, you are really either not trying or have the IQ of a potato.
I really hope someone does some digging and look into Kanoa as they must have some sort of business license or LLC. Find out who the main people are and expose their identity. They shouldn’t be able to rip people off like this. Shame on you Kanoa.

Justin Homme says:

Following your integrity. wish I didn’t pre order… previous comment deleted speech to text without looking before I hit enter was a terrible idea lol. It had everything I said In reverse order.

Евгений Подгаецкий says:

Beautiful! Would love to watch more stories like this on YouTube.

47ravenlord says:

Picture behind you looks like a dude holding a throbbing dong…….why?

thibaut noah says:

You do realize that the only other brand having true wireless earbuds got the exact same issue (front pocket only and they are even worse since it’s right front pocket only) ?

Roman Jeremiah says:

Amazing review! I enjoyed a lot! LOL

Duke Nukem says:

Anyone who “buys” something with money up front before it is even designed is an idiot. Because buying with money up front is what it was in this case. In future, wait for it to be made, marketed and reviewed.

Styler says:

“You offered me only 500$?!! Fuck you!” =)

Levi Kessinger says:

In their defense, every pair on Bluetooth earbuds I have won’t work it if it’s in my back pocket

1980PainforFun says:

Can’t stand wireless technology or devices with batteries. I will not use them for at least another 20 years or maybe more.

Fooman45 says:

I’m one of the buyers who got screwed in this, really pissed. Not sure how or even if I’ll get my money back. I bought in back in the beginning thinking it was a great opportunity. Lesson learnt, I’ll never do a crowd funding again.

Mark Sheldon says:

Ive had same prob with several blue tooth buds breaking out with phone in back pocket

Dogu Kan says:

tl dr you are shitting all over them because they only offered you 500 bucks for the review

sam mayne says:

Lol $500… only $500 to save your company.

Alex Mac says:

yea.. preordered september 2015.. TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO… and now my moneys gone. F*CK them

Ray Marquina says:

I am so happy I didn’t pre order these way back in the day

Tegnet says:

He’s like
I’m like
He’s like
I’m like
He’s like
I’m like

You’re terrible at telling stories.

Miguel Lopez says:

Good job! This video made me trust your review even that much more! I’m subscribing…

realomon says:

What if the guy would have offered 500.000′- USD for a positive review? :))))

Sergey Antopolsky says:

omg they are so full of shit hahaha

Dan Eagles says:

Ok so I just watched your video on the head phones! Wow! Thanks for being honest. So here’s my question. I pre-ordered the new CMRA watch band for my Apple watch band! Now I’m freaked out!! Have you reviewed it yet?? If not can you?? I would hate to end up with a watch band that works like those headed phones!! Again another product that is fairly expensive that may be garbage as well. Not calling it garbage, just hope it’s everything they say it is.. thanks

OnePlus 3T says:

Thank you for your honesty. What about Here One ? 😉 My biggest problem with earphones is that they are falling out from my ears.

David S Keller says:

Thank you for providing an unbiased and honest review! We needed this and glad I was able to receive a refund a year ago!

Tao Vortex says:

Thanks for not being a sale out with us you are a great reviewer thank again .

Ail'enduril says:

i enjoyed it

Benjamin Gains says:

wow, awesome video. great story teller! thanks for having morals, many other people would’ve accepted the measly cash to help scam the consumer.

kristina covey says:

How do we get in touch with you. They shut the company down and kept our money

Sophie Latterno says:

I absolutely 100% guarantee that it took him longer to make this video than it did to test the earbuds.

gerthdynn says:

Thank god you didn’t review The Dash. Bragi would have closed their doors too after your review. All of us preorders had to put ours on our upper right shoulder for it to work at all outside. If you were in the sun, and your headphones got exposure to it, it would lock up. The number of issues with The Dash when they launched were barely working at all.

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