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Headphones that can charge your phone! So I have wanted to try these for quite some time now but at the retail price of $200 I could never pull the trigger. Now that they went down to $70 I couldn’t resist……but are they worth it?

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keenan herwansyah says:

oh yeah mate will you review corsair vengeance 2100/h2100 its an old gaming headset by corsair but i think you should review it since your review is so damn gold and i still wait for sennheiser hd630vb

Nick Harrison says:

Man these and a pair of falcons are what i want i want these for a replacement for my x-07 i need money lol hey gamesky can you tell me if i should get abother pair of x-07s or a pair of these

iElectroGD says:

Nice concept, and IM EARLY

Fake Beats says:

nice shirt

Ali Imran says:

what keyboard do u have

darian candelario says:

Are these better sound than the SkullCandy Crushers Wireless?

deezzy says:

oh fuck yeah Metallica!

Casey Escobar says:

Guess what….. LAST! XD

ItzKraze says:

why don’t you have a 1 million plac you deserve one

Anthony Resendez says:

hey could you try reviewing the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless? I’m debating whether getting those or the Crossfade Wireless.

ahmed nader says:

i got the LS30 😉


The orange ones look sick! good review

Barak Lahav says:

they are not heavy because of the battery?

Dafuq Game says:

sony mdr 100 aap vs these ?

Fear says:

I have to many earphones. I cant buy more lol!

Aidan Heim says:

I love your vids but is your name pronounced game sky or gameskee

Donald Baird says:

Gamesky what headphones do you use for exercising?

Gamesky says:


- Triphion - says:

under 50 views squad

Dario Hall says:

I really like the headphones but I can’t do that carbon fiber look. It’s a little too flashy for me. The idea is really cool.

blake berg says:

love the metallica shirt

kasper soutukorva says:


Kayden Zoller says:

Before even watching this, these headphones look super sick with the Orange and carbon fiber look!!!

Chad West says:

Looks awesome and great concept, gonna try these out.

Black The Supreme God says:

Me personally…..I think its pretty gimmicy. The charging output is to slow for modern day smartphones. Most smartphones are using Qualcomm quick charge and even the iphone charges at 5V 2.4 amp or higher now. The 1 amp output is just to slow for modern phones……To the point where it might go up a percent every 5 minutes. Its ridiculous lol. On top of that I always carry a power bank with me everywhere. So low battery is never a problem with me. Other than that these look cool and im sure sound great.

Mrinaal Ramachandran says:

change your logo bro…kind of cringy. Great vid tho

ryan stovall says:

good review, if they were Bluetooth that would be the icing on the cake

WolfRanger2008 says:

Unique and clever; not something one sees everyday in the headphone world.

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