The Very Adult Sennheiser Momentum Headphone Review

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Res Les says:

What would you prefer the Sennheiser momentum or the vmoda m100?

gaffawebber says:

I just got the Momentum’s in the new retro ivory/tan finish…and I must say that I am LOVING them. I was upgrading from Klipsch S4 earbuds (which I also liked but had seriously build quality issues). The soundstage is pretty wide, and the sound is clear and detailed. The ear cups fit me just fine, and this finish looks sexy as hell!

Fiona Li says:

You love your favorite headphones, you’d love them more when they are wireless, check out the BTunes on kickstarter

Alex Crane says:

Hi, thanks for this review. I am thinking about getting these, or the Phillips l1 which you also reviewed. Tough choice. Anyways, appreciate your work. PS…for an audio guy, you might consider improving your mic setup, there is a bit of a hiss! Still, thanks for the review!

crest video says:

We all know that “the very adult” means really boring stuff.

Aa Aa says:

i can buy these for 150$ at my job, yes, the 300$ ones

DrugzRKoool says:

I used to have Bose AE2s but they are now broken. I liked the acoustic type sound but the newer Bose and a lot of modern headphones have too much bass and I’m looking for less bass and more all-round sound. Can anyone recommend something similar to Bose AE2?

lorem ipsum says:

Why haven’t you reviewed Grado headphones?

oboyy says:

My ears are 65mm from top to bottom, would these be comfortable?

iNet16 says:

Hey Tyll, after reading some reviews of these, I decided to check you review (I own the Momentum). And YOU exactly said what I had in mind (pros and cons). Acutally, I’m following you since about 3 years now and you haven’t changed since then. Honnest review, honnest guy, nice work! 

Jawsies says:

Thanks for the informative review.

Fu If says:

Boring review.

David Hany says:

These or the AKG K545 ?

LeAndro id says:

Is there anyone still out there using iPod or iPhone to listen to high quality music?? Those devices are really poor is terms of music quality. I recommend to use the Sony Walkman or the Cowon plenue which have 24 bits/192 kHz Hi-Res Flac capability

Tman450 says:

You kind of look like you could be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s brother, especially your profile.

Nice review, by the way. I enjoy older peoples’ opinions.

Brandon Vitello says:

dear inner fidelity, been really enjoying your videos. please review the sennheiser momentum 2.0 (M2) over ear headphones. I’m curious how they compare to these and if they are improved while maintaining the wonderful balance you speak of. Hope you can do that soon. Thank You

Joe ? says:

You talk about the case being ugly… have you seen your shirt?

JapaneseMassage KOBIDO says:

Thank you!!!

滑稽 says:

Good sound indeed, so sad it’s a horrible fit for me. Used them for a week and just can’t stand them anymore. I have to fold my ear to fit or part of my ear will be hard pressed against my head. the leather gets quite warm after a while. if you got large ear use on-ear or full size, these just won’t cut it.

LtDanw says:

how does it respond to amplification? I wanted to compare them to the NAD viso HP50, but i can’t find the and anywhere. also the design of the NAD is off putting.

1bentley4ever says:

Well done Tyll. I find the Momentum sound-wise to remind me of a more bass heavy closed Sennheiser HD650. The two complement each other well especially for different listening scenarios.

claire cates says:

I used $10 head phones.

Tito Badawy says:

sennheiser momentum vs ath m50x, which one wins? not taking price in place

Patrick Wayne says:

Is this Sennheiser Momentum Headphone a Over-Ear edition or a On-Ear edition ? 

Steve Peterson says:

hello, first of all I have to say that I appreciate a lot your clear, detailed and informative reviews. Also your American English accent is well spoken and perfectly understandable to a British English accent accustomed person like myself. I would really like if you could review the new Sennheiser HD8 DJ,  I intend to buy a new headset and my choice would probably be among Pioneer HDJ 2000, AKG 267 TIESTO or these new HD8. As a dj I play anything from drum&bass to nu jazz, so above all I value quality of sound and comfort for those long sessions in the studio. Thank you very much for your opinion. (btw… nice shirts…)

Dedskin Prodcer/DJ says:

I can remove that noise from your video, contact me on Fiverr as Dedskin, or on Upwork as Paul Dorien , or just email me dedskin at gmail . Ican remove echo and improve sound quality , do everything else ,even video production

Keuzy says:

just the video i was hoping to find

Filipe Duarte says:

how can you diss the case color wearing that shirt

bcfbasil says:

Myself and a friend just bought these.  His arrived first and unfortunately he is sending them back because he has larger ears and these just are too uncomfortable for him.  Mine have not yet arrived, but I tried his on and they are fine for me.  That said, these would be better called “on ear” rather than over ear headphones.  The cups really are quite small when compared to my Audio Technica M50x phones.  My ears are average I’d say and, while I can wear these, the bottom ear lob  still sits under the bottom of the padded cup.  For mea it’s not uncomfortable, but it is noticeable.   With my ATH M50x headphones my ears fit completely inside the cups.

Steven Painter says:

I enjoy your reviews and enjoy hearing you speak, great job

Issa Ito says:

And ugly color? *rubs my brown sennheiser momentum with a pout* 

I’ve saw your view and was convinced by this review and I’m really happy with the product. It is a lot better in sound than the urbanite. Even though they are they have the same ohms. ._.

Steve Brule says:

you can get replacement cables from amazon

Jose Diaz says:

My Sennheiser Momentum headphones have more bass volume in the right ear cup than in the left, is that normal? If not, what can be done? Anyone else experiencing this?

Ditoswaq〃 says:

Should I get this or the Audio Technica M50x? Sound quality wise

Anitrex006 says:

I brought it and then sold it. Lacks treble impact and details. The 30$ HD 202’s have better treble impact then these.

henry mcdonnell says:

0:27 says the guy wearing the Hawaiian shirt.

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