The Truth About Beats by Dre!

Everything you need to know about Beats by Dre.

Beats Pro vs Audio Technica ATH-M50:

Beats Audio – Explained:

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Review:

Audio Technica ATH-M50x:
Beats Studio 2.0:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Dante Inouye says:

watching this video with ATH-M50xMGs 😛

should i switch to AKG 702s? for the flatter sound?

Bhargava Udayagiri says:


Tushar Sadhwani says:

*Replace Beats by Dre to iPhone, works perfectly.*

DvDPower says:

my dad got me beats solo 3 for 50 euros haha

Joey Rose says:

Sorry man but I bought Dre beats,it’s above skull candy and the other brands and audio teckna is not on the shelf ,i saw a pair about 2 years ago in a store called ross .never saw them again,but would like to test them out.

Matheus Bitencourt says:

My friend has a Beats earbud and I bough a Xiaomi Hybrid PRO earbud.
ain’t comparation: Xiaomi just SMOOKS the Beats earbud. I paid 25$ for the Xiaomi, he paid 55$ for his Beats.
After comparing the quality, he got pissed up.
So here lies my advice: Xiaomi Hybrid PRO is a great earbud for just 25$. It’s way better than a 55$ Beats

brian Blais says:

DRE BEATS are garbage 275$ headphones that break way too easy. Do yourself a favor dont buy them!!!!!

Simon Evans says:

Apple is overrated

Imperialnight01 says:

In my opinion, I don’t think they sound “like garbage”. Of course they don’t come close to other competitors like Bose, Senheiser, etc but it’s absurd to say they sound like garbage.

Pur3Remix TV says:

Who else wearing Beats while watching this..?

Pablo Plavan says:


rock androll says:

beats are the best bro!!

Alexander Lommerse says:

Beats are shit

Lloyd B says:

Just go Sennheiser or Bose

Nikhil Kumar says:

Will the ath m50x fit on a small head or will it look giant

Wang Chung says:

HOLY FUCK THANK YOU!!! I will be sharing this video!

Amar Choudhary says:

same is with Apple’s product

Brady_boy 13 says:

Interesting video man, good job…. although I knew it was going to be a good video as soon as I heard Taylor Swift playing XD

kamrhon strickland says:

2:22 – 2:25 Triggered

Tony R5 Morales says:

JBL !!!!!!!!!

Hariz Aizuddin says:

beat solo3 or 2?

Bradley Campbell says:

gonna be honest the i brought beats for the fact that in my opinion they sound good and the fact they cant peak easy

Labeeddabeast says:

i was wearing beats during the video lol

db Labs says:

Every time I watch one of these depressing plugs, I have to stop, put on my pair, that I personally designed, and jam out.

s k says:

yeah I won’t even talk to people who wear these….

ShutDFckOff says:

My PS4 wireless headphones beats BeatsByDre and im only 7 yrs old.

Andre Gamer says:

with the price of beats you buy astro a40 with no mixamp

Preet Aryan says:

lol! i have m20x by Audio Technica and they sound way better!

Henry Black says:

I used to own a pair of the Beats Studio Wireless 2.0, and I’m going to give a completely fair and unbiased review on them.
I don’t seem to understand why there is so much hate on these. People go out and say “airplane headphones sound better”, “my $20 earbuds sound better”, etc. Reality is, they’ve probably never touched a pair of beats before in their lives. The sound quality was great. Comparable with my new pair of headphones, the Bose QC35 (QC35 is better, but it’s comparable). The only problem I had was the build quality. I took SUPER good care of these headphones, and they broke 6 times within the period of 2 years. They were replaced by apple under manufacturer’s warranty 5 times, but last week, they broke long after the warranty was over, and apple wouldn’t replace them for free. It’s for this reason I went with the Bose headphones this time (they’re super awesome too, even better than the beats, but more expensive). Beats are great as entry level audiophile headphones, but they are pretty much disposable. If you take extra good care of them, expect them to last you no more than a year. If you abuse them, I’d give them 2-4 months. Oh, and if you’re going to buy beats, ONLY buy the studios. The solos and anything else below the studios are absolute trash. Sound quality is terrible, hurts your ears. Don’t think that $100 you saved was worth it. Spend the extra $100 bucks and you won’t regret it.

Chris Dohm says:

I’m watching this with my beats

Alex sequeros says:


R Angus says:

i actually think beats are really ugly

Robert Gildernick says:

Beats SUCK. Period. Over the years I have had LOTS of head phones.
I remember my first pair of Beats was a pair of Mixr’s. I thought they
sounded great! Considering they were the first $100+ headphones I’ve
had. That was all true until I bought a pair of JayBird X5 Freedoms and
a pair of Sony 1000X’s lol. I will never buy beats again haha.

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