THE PERFECT HEADPHONE? : The Nuraphone Review

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So finally a company has developed a pair of headphones that adapts to the way your ears like to hear things. Someone gets that no two people hear things the same way. Did Nura pull off a masterpiece or is this just a gimmick? Enjoy!

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Great stuff, man. I have been super intrigued by these.

Duck Man says:

If they sound “bad” without software veiling, then they are BAD headphones.

Rondoggy67 says:

Great review…but with one serious error: The headphones don’t create a “personalised sound” for you that is different from other people.
In fact they do the opposite; they measure your hearing and apply a correction so that the headphones sound the same to you as they would for anyone else who has had their own personalised correction.
The idea is that there is a “best sound”, and the profiling makes it possible for anyone to hear that best sound.
The only limitation is that some people have severe hearing impairments, and although these headphones will help they won’t give you back “20:20 hearing”.

Kino Zomby says:

Is this likely to damage hearing?

ozgoodphotos says:

Can they be returned if I don’t want them?

James Megee says:

Use a federal code to get 20% Off

kent leonhart says:

It’s $399. The sweet spot.

Unchained 81 says:


ntruluck1 says:

The additional cables also allow you to charge your headphones from you phone 🙂

kgpnerd says:

Guys, what’s his name?

John Baylie says:

The ear profile is a scam. The same ear will provide different results every time. If you don’t believe me look it up.

major gods tv says:

Which is better crusher or nuraphone which has more bass

Hammodi aziz says:

a toddler’s dick in your ears …. that’s what i see

Joseph Hall says:

These are great sounding headphones…. I feel ripped off from bowers & Wilkins PX after purchasing these. Got them for 299 from amazon during prime day.

minehow tech says:

just get Sennheisers ffs


$400.00 to insert little silicone dildos in your earhole….lol

Dedric D'Xeno Williams says:

Great review, but what song is playing in the background? It sounds awesome!

Spencer Stobbe says:

Do you still recommend the Sennheiser 4.40’s? Thanks


Game sky are going to Review the sent heizer GSP 500 an open back headset because I want to hear ur Opinion about it

Black Shadow says:

I have to work 2 months for this headphones, thanks but skullkandy crusher and xtPlyo are enough for me

Philippe Bastiaans says:

Had these for a few weeks. The sound is unlike anything else! But completely unusable in everyday life.

Coolness Apes says:

Brain cancer and loss of hearing.

Joshua Alsobrook says:

Click here for a 20% discount.
Discount applied at checkout.

Luke North says:

Good review You gonna pick up the new Atari???

Cladiax says:

these are super gimmicky with all the proprietary parts and cables, also the video, and way you handle the comments make this feel like an ad
just buy HD600’s

champ8605 says:

More like an ad than an actual review.

edhamilhamshahhh says:

When a scientist turns to a audiophile person and make its own headpone.

Dante Corbett says:

$329 if you find a referral code 🙂

Jasper Rhanesz Leonor says:

is there a feature of this headphone can make a phone call?

R Ξ D says:

1:05 packenging

The Shaolin says:

So I guess my question would be do your settings remain the same even when you don’t use a smartphone? I put most of my music on an mp3 player

VanDy361 says:

No headphones, no matter how good, are worth 400bucks … Absolutely ridiculous…

Ria Driguez says:

Does these headphones produce low frequency well? Such as below 30 hertz?
I have the SONY MDRXB950BT using on my rooted note 4 with Viper4arise fx sound mod and let me tell you…it makes the headphones a monster!
Bass is so intense, it vibrates your head and you can feel the vibration travel down your neck.
You can guess I love bass! But only downfall is you can go deaf from listening for too long.

James Rurik Rellera says:

Would you prefer these over the b&o h6?

it's all in your head says:

You’re underrated as a reviewer, great review I actually want to try these now

Sócrates Lozano says:

Beats Ep or Skullcandy Grind wireless? What do you recommend? I can get them for the same price..
Great channel btw!!

محمد احمد says:

Now that will F**k your brain

Kaji says:

Just a long add… they gave these to you for free clearly a sponsor

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