The Oppo Digital PM-3: A Competent Comfortable Mobile Headphone

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pranav goswami says:

oppo pm3 or adezee el8?

Lionel Deliz says:

Hi, Oppo is missing some highs, what would you buy for $399 that are better, closed and portable? Thank you

Audio46 Headphones - Headphone Superstore says:

Great Review

Fastguitars says:

Tyll really missed the call on these headphones in 2 major areas.
 One, he calls them “neutral”, and two, he says they are missing extension in the upper trebles.
Well, all i can say is that he must have been cranking Harley’s all day before he reviewed these headphones and his “High End” was missing from his hearing.
The Oppo PM-3s are most certainly on the slightly bright side of neutral and the one thing they do best is detail retrieval which is based on their hi-end frequency being a bit bumped.
A treble lover, is going to love these headphones, and a bass head is going to pass.
The best way to think of their sound, is to think of AKG 701-2s, in a closed design.
That is how they sound…That articulate, that “upper end” extended”, and with a very very slightly recessed bass, in a closed design.
If burn in allows these cans to offer a bit more bass, then the gold standard in an affordable “audiophile” headphone has been created.
And even if the bass does not bloom a bit after burn in, these are still astounding headphones.
Often you hear someone hyping headphones, and they say…”i heard details, new things in music that i love that id never heard before”…
Well, this is the fact, regarding these headphones.
Keep in mind that the AKG 701-2s are a bit bright and articulate, and that is the sound you’ll get in this OPPO “affordable”  design.
And yes, the comfy pleather ear cups used in this product are a bad idea….They do get warm….yep, and if your noggin’ is the size of a giant pumpkin, then their clamping pressure is going to be snug.

Good14u says:

You should review the Monster DNA Pro 2.0.

Steven Painter says:

He does a great job, of
If anything at all is lacking its that many people ask questions in the comments area, and he doesn’t answer. Ever. He needs to.

Michael Iver says:

Are Planar Dynamics safer for ears than typical drivers because (presumably) there is less movement going on creating pressure on eardrums for the same sound-level?

Are open headphones similarly safer than closed headphones because the pressure can escape the back?

212flako says:

of the oppo pm3, the msr 7, and the hp 50, which is to your preference and why? thnx

L A R D L A B S says:

is the ATH-M70X a contender?

jamie campbell says:

Ideal for watching bluray movies? With Dolby PC card

Nate says:

AT msr7, oppo pm3, sennheiser 600/650, or hifiman he400i/s. listening to folk, alternative, and acoustic music.

Hamed says:

Thanks for the review. May I ask how you would compare the sound quality to Westone ES50’s? I know you’ve reviewed those also and I’m looking for some closed back cans for office that would sound almost as good as my Westones.

Aaron Smyth says:

Decent review. Thanks.

Green Brain Seaside says:

I’ve been searching headphones for desktop use, Mostly for classical music, in a similar price range, how this one would deal with the task

ugh says:

Do these sound like the PSB headphones? My PSB headbands kept cracking so I returned them, but loved the sound.

genesis777 says:

That was my conclusion on the PM-3, Boring…

48956l says:

Oppo PM-3 or Shure 1540?

David Goodall says:

are these better than the sennheiser hd 650??

bloozism says:

Might buy a pair of these as my first planar magnetics.

Raja Yassin says:

I bought it specifically for the Astell & Kern

SelloutHipster says:

Should I buy these headphones or the ATH-MSR7 for portable listening without an amp? BTW I mainly listen to rock, metal, some punk and blues.
Please someone respond. Thanks 😀

Jefafa Von Richthofen says:

I am really glad the hiss went away! And in other great review!

Raja Yassin says:

God this person is a pleasure to listen to. Thanks, just bought them.

erik freedom says:

I own hd 800, he-6, denon d7000… and I have those pm3. they are 525 bucks Canadian shipped. they are incredible cans. if you have a juicy pure class A headamp, they will have incredible bass and very good sound. they scale very well. I use them with a little alo audio national amp and they sound amazing.

Neo Zuko says:

Just bought the PM-3 and HA-2 combo. They seem like a natural pairing. Thanks for the review!! What do you guys think of the HA-2?


I was in between Oppo PM-3 and Meze 99 Classics. I ended with the Meze based on the reviews I have read. Very dissapointed with the mids. The lower mids are very recessed and there is a kind of “thhhhh” siblance with any voice (not the typical harsh “S!” siblance). Voices and guitars sound very unnatural. All the time you are aware that you are hearing a record, you simply cannot imagine never that you are hearing live voices. With an EQ boosting between 800hz-1.5khz and a bit rolled off 4-8khz I enjoy them lot, but never without an EQ. I think I should have bought the Oppo PM-3 instead. Please, any can compare the Meze vs the PM-3?

Michael Whitaker says:

After seeing several reviews of theses, I believe I found myself the perfect set of cans. I love more of a warm subdued sound. Laid back if you will. Now I just need to save up for ’em, cause $400.00 is a little steep for my budget.

Sebastian Nowakowski says:

Oppo pm3 or the M&D mh40? Taking under consideration the oppo is over 100 bucks more expensive than the mh40

Stafa Thiam says:

Hey buddy :)! Which do you think is better in sound between these OPPO’s PM3 and the Sennheiser HD 600 despite open and closed backs? Thanks

GrahamC808 says:

Brilliant review as usual. I purchased based on this review and have absolutely no regrets. They sound awesome I like listening to music they way it was recorded without the interference of unnatural sounding headphones. You do know you have them on but they are not particularly heavy. One thing they do get warm on the pads on hot days or prolonged use. Thinking of purchasing the Bose QC35 based on your review of those.

Martyn Bassett says:

These or Audeze EL-8 closed?

Jay G. says:

You reviewed both the PM-3 and the B&W P7.  Can you give me a short opinion on which you like the best and which is more comfortable.  They are both $400, so would be nice to get your opinion or any others viewing.

Michael Tollman says:

Love your reviews! They are very helpful for me in picking headphones:) Just one question: do you think you can EQ the oppo pm-3’s to brigten them up a bit in the areas(highs) you mentioned? Response appreciated!

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

Just saw the graph. Very impressive, although the mids are not PERFECT.

StarWoors says:

These look sooo SEXY!!!

azor ahai says:

Does it really need an amp? Our of my mobile, it sounded darn good and powerful

TruJoker says:

Can anyone do a comparison between the PM 3 and the NAD Viso HP50?

Mait says:

Oppo Pm3 or ATH-M70X?

Partha Sarker says:

oppo pm3 or audio technica msr7? i tried both and still cant decide 🙁 – predominantly going to use it off a galaxy note 7 – portable amp/dac

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