The Headphones to Buy. Period. – HD6XX Review

These headphones used to retail for close to $500. Nowadays, they’re $200, and that makes them one of the most sensible choices in the category…

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Alexandros Nicolaou says:

my budget is up to $45-50 and im thinking about the Pioneer SE M531. are there any better over ears oval shaped (not round foampad, as im wearing glases) that are better? thanx. how are the sennheisers at that price range

M P says:

“The price I paid”

You didn’t pay for shit. Starting to thinks 99% of this guys videos are just him shilling shit. Are there any honest reviewers left on YT???

zomfgroflmao1337 says:

I did my research on headphones last year with over 8 pairs in a pricerange from 50-160€ and ended up with the 120€ Sennheiser. ´What did it for me was not the sound, i had better ones, but the fit. As Linus said, you can wear them for days and that was the most important thing for me and that is very similar for every Sennheiser no matter the price range.

eel pie says:

…and a good DAC/headphone amp. Even reasonable quality Pc ones like Asus Strix are still terrible compared to a even cheap Oppo DAC.

TheDiscardedFoot says:

Linus, have you ever done reviews for Astro gaming headsets? I have been using the same pair of A40’s since 2010 and absolutely love them… I’d love to see what you think of that company, whether you’re using them for gaming or just music and movies. Thanks!

Cory R says:

Will these open up on a large head comfortably ? (to put in context normal hats wont fit me and have broken multi sets of headphones in the middle or an ear broke off or they hurt to wear)


I’m getting tired of this, what headphones have the best sound for music?? I watched tons of videos of the hd650, the wireless studio beats, etc and Im confused

LucidityTruth says:

Is that a HD650 headband on a HD600?

Epto Productions says:

Save $150 bucks and get the Philips 9500s. They are amazing and could rival any $200 – $300 headphones any day…

Bogmire777 says:

AudioTechnica or get rekt Lionel

zodden01 says:

I have owned the HD580 for the past 12 years. It has migrated through various audio and pc upgrades. I still love it. Some of the best money I have spent on anything.

Vahlsten says:

So basically you are drowning on old headphones? Can help you with that, just send me any Senheiser ones you have to replace my, like 15 yo ( ones, I’ll pay the postage 😀

Apo Knight says:

hd6xx or k7xx? which one is more worthy? never listen to akg products before

Protoss 01 says:

HD 6XX or HD 598se?

Mike Logan says:

Great video Linus! Nice to see you get more into audio. I would love to see some Sennheiser comparison tests for gaming audio. Like PC360 vs Game Zero, etc headphones and gsx1000, gsx1200 etc amps.

Damian Chiliński says:

idk I don’t like this _Sennheiser sound_. Somehow I prefer _Beyerdynamic dt sound_ 😛

Sennheiser sounds really mid range. And I’m not fan of Beats or whatever but Sennheiser really DOES sound mid. Frequency response is really high in mid range comparing to many other headphones. I’m using Behringer Truth studio monitors and I think DT PRO (particularly 770 but they all have similar signature) are significantly closer to studio monitors sound than Sennheiser headphones. At least that’s what I experienced with electronic music. Sennheiser seems to be just another “hi-fi” that “lies nice” and thus works only for certain music genres.. Not accurate reproduction of general purpose sound.

Machine Warrior says:

if I wanna listen to music in bublic places what should I buy under 200 ?

ricky dedos says:

I can never understand how everyone says they can forget they have it on. I have the he 600s and why they are fucking amazingly awesome while listening to flac classical files, I can’t wear them for long.

Strix NumBezZeDz says:

3 sponsors 1 video? jesus…

Can't Be Fucking Bothered says:

Should I also pick these up if I have an excellent pair of cans already? Mine aren’t open backed though.

LordJabaJaba says:

too bad i have to wait until December to get anything expensive

HEADBOMB3000 says:

I bought Audio-Technica M50x’s less than a week ago. Should I hold on to them?

girish kratos says:


Ben Kammer says:

I just got the sennheiser 598hd

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン says:

I’m tired of this “my headphone are $X and they sound good/better” comment,no they dont

cut the crap , this is not Beets by farmer dre, hd6xx are worthy of the $200 , maybe even more than that if you compare it to other headphone on that price point as they are better

Tristin Hamilton says:

HD 650’s(or 600’s), arguably the best headphones for their price. Right before the point of diminishing returns.

Shadow77999 says:

why does it have to be so ugly-..

Marco Estrada says:

I got one off the drop…I have them for display

GD -EXO- says:

i thought that iphone at 4:06 was a hallucination and had to rewatch it just make sure

Mpamphs Kangourosaurous says:

I guess you have great relationship with Senns…..

BattleshipSailorBB63 says:

I have close to a dozen pair of headphones (I have HD600, though not a HD650). I still jumped on this Drop because of the ridiculous price……and I’m glad I did.

Michal Ostrihon says:

I have got Sennheiser RS 170 for 6 years already, the best buy ever, period. The freedom, the sound, the quality are unbeatable.

Max Hyunsue says:

So an iPhone 7 work great with this?, I don’t need an amp?

Gimberg Preval says:

I’m probably too broke for the cheapest headphones on earth.

Karn Kaul says:

What’s your opinion of the SHP9500 and M50x?

Aleksander Drzewiecki says:

Corsair link is crap… Just take a look at det forum (corsair forum). They promise everything but never deliver. Never give answers to questions, and the forum is almost run by a guy named red-ray who has helped people for years.
He has made a giant list of bugs corsair has promised to fix and never delivered.

Stay away for Link, it is not worth your time.

jlozano2014 says:

What headphone stand is that?

Leetransform25 says:

4:02 took me a while to realize he was saying “Shiit” instead of “shit”

EinsPunkt Vier says:

1:56 That’s a HD600 on the right…

Matthew Gilbert says:

650’s or 600’s?

FunkySardine says:

Might I ask if you’ve used Grado’s? Admittedly I do get nostalgic about them since SR-80’s were my first foray into the madness (and bottomless pit) that is audiophile land, but having said that, they do some pretty amazing work.

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