The Bragi Headphone – True Wireless Headphones

The Bragi Headphone – True Wireless Headphones
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Dean Astancai says:

hi man, please make a comparation video between bragi the headphone and jaybird x3 PLEASE PLEASE

cpei12345 says:

Not sure if it was answered below. I have the dash, can these headphones fit in the dash case and charge?

Donte Dillon says:

You didn’t mention any of the smart features.

John Cheung says:

The cat coming into frame..awesome

utubestrong2 says:

Also do you have any good recommendations on credit card size battery bank chargers that would go good with the Bragi headphone case to carry in pocket or can you use a chi wireless card to make it a wireless case?

Upscale Thread says:

My cat Miki loves laying on me and watching your videos.

Robert Gant says:

dope review

Richard Figueroa says:

Love the review. No bullshit #realtalk

Uriel Gomez says:

hi floss are you going to review the SOL REPUBLIC AMPS AIR ?

Frederick Dittrich says:

Does the dragi Dash 2.2 still have bloototh problems

Dustin Stumbo says:

How has it taken me so long to find these reviews? Flossy reviews are fantastic.

matt steele says:

how do they compare to the bose soundsport ?

Aryzen Inniriea says:

I wish these came with a battery case…

That’d make these a real tempting buy…

christian rodriguez says:

can you use the bragi dash case to charge these normal bragis since on the website they sell the charger case as extra and i whould like to buy that case and buy these cheaper earbuds

dectro says:

I love mine!!!

lukef says:

Airpods are good but definitly too girly for my taste…

LJay Audio says:

What’s good Floss. I can get the X3’s for less than $80 (employee discount) but should I spend the extra cash for the Headphone? I’ll be using them for lifting & occasionally shooting hoops

Pablo Gutierrez says:

By the way are you doing a review on jabra elite sport?

Ryan Starowicz says:

Came for the review, stayed for the cat.

Johnny Rodriguez says:

Do apple airpods

RocoPop says:

wish they made a comply style tip for the dash! I have both… TBH the fit and comfort level seems a tad bit more fine tuned on the Headphone. I LOVE my dash though, but the audio quality is also slightly better on the new joints. My only gripe though with the new ones is the lack of charging on the case. When Bragi first advertised, they were supposed to have a battery in the case. I’m not opposed to them releasing a special battery case for them. I agree 100% these two are the best on the market

duffi999999 says:

flossy, bragi headphone or jaybird x3?

Frederick Dittrich says:


Iris says:

I’m debating between the bragi “headphone” and jaybird x3.

I really absolutely love that bragi are truly wireless.

But I heard the jaybird x3 have the best sound of all bluetooth earbuds on the market.

Also I want to be able to use them in the gym so I’m afraid the bragi might not stay in place.

Any advice?

Angel Solis says:

How well do these hold up during an intense workout?

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