The best wireless headphones for running

Wireless headphones are great for when you’re hitting the gym, but there are a number of things to consider aside from just sound. From JLab’s Epic 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds to Jaybird’s X2 Bluetooth Earbuds and the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless, we’ve put a dozen plus models to the test and found the best pair to get.


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g bale_1 says:

Which do you guys recommend me getting?

Eileen li says: there are many great earphone for running in our store, welcome to buy them

JT Manuel says:

Defunc hybrid plus BT earphones are pretty good.


Hi…. please let me know how to contact you in private. I saw this video and want to do a product review video.

Matt Hollingsworth says:

im surprise you dont have the affiliate links for the products

jessico liu says:, This is really good quality headphones with price $18.75

Mario S says:

Jaybird freedoms are far superior to anything on her list. Price is worth every single penny! Sound quality and fit are second to none, period. Jaybird does gym headphones better than anyone in the game.

Clash of Zeus says:

PowerBeats or Jaybird end of the conversation

Adam Rutledge says:

Thanks great review. Looked on Amazon JLabs Have HORRIBLE reviews on amazon right under 3 stars FYI. All issues are with reliability

Marketing Leophile says:

That Johnny Cash Record is sooo cool

Finn says:

Literally none of them is wireless.

Chris Clark says:

No doubt headphones are disposable items. Dropping 200 bills on workout headphones makes no sense. Those sports icons you see wearing them got them for free, or I bet you they would not pay retail for workout headphones either.

Latrell Jennings Vlogs says:

How dare you feature these products but not leave links in the description?

Adam Elhalawany says:

Freedoms are great and mkbhd approved

Fadi Koka says:

I like how you sitting

Clorox Bleach says:

Uh these are earbuds not headphones…

hap0n says:

I want one that wont pullout my ears when turning head, durable /battery life, and no more than $30… anyone got have?

Stephen Killer says:


Imran Ahmad says:

I honestly prefer the Powerbeats 3 for workout Bluetooth earbuds because they fit very snug and they never fall out, they last 13 hours and only an 5 minutes are charge can get you an hours of music playback, and they literally take a second to pair my S8 Plus and they are instantiations if you have an iPhone. The audio quality is also very good and loud but I am no audiophile, The black color that I have also looks very stealthy and sexy in my opinion. I have also tried the Jaybirds X3s, The Apple AIrpods, and The Bose Soundsport wireless. And the Powerbeats 2 lasted me over two years of use while working out so I knew that it was only right that I get the Powerbeats 3.

Commentary Donor says:

I stayed to look at her ass in the tights she’s wearing.

SkepTech.TV says:

If you’re looking for truly, really, completely wireless Earbuds, I can recommend the Here One Wireless Earbuds from Doppler Labs. Great sound isolation & sound quality. And they sport “layered listening”, a feature that makes you hear your Musik and the outside world at the same time: Great to be safe while crossing streets on your run or to hear your mates in the gym! 😉
They are really expensive, but if you don’t want to use them for running or gym only, these Smart Wireless Earbuds are a great choice!

John says:

Enter for a chance to win a pair of wireless earbuds from Crutchfield.

Bluedose 15k says:

These are expensive bunch..what if you can have it wired and wireless according to your need and will cost you only less than 50$? and it sound really good too..
I’m talking about kz’s latest line ups: KZ zs3, zst, zs5, zs6.
You guys should check it out and maybe do reviews about these too.

Jordan Yao says:

One question, which has a longer life??? I just broke my xtfree and need a new pair that last for long time!


My Epics barely lasted 5 months ):


Just picked up the Jaybird X3 today. So far its great. I got the Freedoms but somehow after a full charge, it didn’t even last 1 hour at the gym before it died. So the X3 seems to be lasting longer.

Brayan Espinoza says:

How about the LG Tone Active?

FlameFlash says:

You mean earbuds, not headphones…

Kyle Morton says:

gunna get ones without cables cuz i dont want cables lol

Alejandro Villarreal says:

Which ones ARE usefull for Samsung gear S2¿¿¿

darkbearrider says:

I don’t understand why all these athletic earbud companies put the remote on the cord, it dangles and creates drag. I personally have found that design super irritating.

BeeTee Sound says:

And here’s a link: . For anyone interested in a great selection of wireless earbuds & headphones.

rcsfabio says:

Help. In the gym several times someone steals my bluetooth signal, is there any way to put a password?

Tavon Irene says:

I love the plantronic headphone. I have been using them for the last 2 years. I use them while jogging, deadlifts, squating. They’re good especially when you get sweaty.

Phat boie says:

why is she sitting so far from the camera

gaurav sharma says:

What a beautiful house!

Ahsan Zafar Channel says:

anyone tried jlabs ?

Li Zhang says:

Run without phones. Run with freedom. Vinci 2.0, your first standalone smart workout headphone.

Vishal Nandre says:

You have mentioned sound on as the last point to consider. When we r talking about a headphone then sound quality is something which should always comes on a priority no matter if it’s sports headphones or any other type. I believe that battery and build quality is also important but sound quality is not something to consider after battery, built and other features

Matthias Bölser says:

This is the worst review I’ve ever seen. Pathetic

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