The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones… Bose or Sony?

Bose QC35 II (USA Link) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) –

Bose QC35 II (International) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (International) –

The Bose QC35 and now QC35 II are widely regarded as the benchmark for wireless noise cancelling headphones. The new Sony WH1000XM3 headphones are looking to change that. So the question is… Has Sony done enough to dethrone Bose? Which is the best pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones for 2018, 2019 and beyond?


This Is Not A Flamethrower…


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Fahad Fahad says:

I bought sony M3 yesturday.. it is the best

Moonyoung Choi says:

Thx dude you really helped me choosing the right one……

you are wayyyyyyyyy tooooooooo honest

DeusExAstra says:

I tried both of these at the store, and the Sony ones are just amazing. The feel over the ears is amazing, the noise cancelling is equally great, sound quality of course is great.

Bhanu Sreekar G. says:

Definitely Bose…

Rolf Laib says:

Yea ! Sony on Order

Andre Ros, A Flying Dutchman says:

All i know is that Bose Aviation headsets ( the one i use of course) is the best so far….

silent radical says:

Watching this on wh1000 now

Horsesinmycar says:

Bose I think are still better

Silver Shine says:

For me it was really close, but the sometimes glitchy touchbar and no physical buttons instead and the non existing multiple devices support gave it away, sorry sony maybe next time

agastya athihalli says:

The Sony fold the other way so that when they are around your neck and not in use, they lie flat on your chest

Bryan Light says:

theres a crackling noise in Bose its been 1 year and no solution from the company.

Chitore 2009 says:

sonys better i tried both at the store

l e e says:

This channel has saved me from some pretty shitty purchases, but this one not only directed me toward the superior product but also gave me negatives to allow me to draw my own conclusions. This is epic, and I love my choice in headphones,

Jason W says:

Just took the Sony’s with me to Japan on a 787. Slept like a baby! And when I was awake, it was nice to be able to watch immersed on my iPad or plug into the seat screen for a movie and still hear people when needed. I honestly never tried the QC 35 II, but these do the trick and look way better to me. Thx for the review.

Andrew smyt says:

Well I bought the Sony’s a few days before watching this and am still waiting for them so I’m super excited

Gb Xx says:

I was in bestbuy recently.. and tried the Bose Soundlink Ae2 and it blew away everything, even the $399 beats… and it was $229.. not that it was in my budget.. but the noise cancelling was head-n-shoulders above everything else. IDK if it was the demo, the position in the store against other background noise.. but it was great.. the next best was the Sony X-tra bass..950n1s… nothing else came close to these two.. although some of the cheaper headphones ironically only had one ear working.. so they couldn’t be compared.
Still, for my budget they would need to be under $150… IDK, maybe refurbished. Still loookin’

xInstax K1lzx says:

Was I the only one listening to this with my Bose quiet comfort 35 II?

12 Thousand Subscribers Without a Video Challenge says:

I was expecting more from Bose

Larry A says:

Bose wins… every time

Xander Vampire says:

The correct answer is that neither of them is the best pair of noise cancelling headphones. Wireless headphones, even the really expensive ones, just can’t compete with the sound quality from their wired equivalent. The technology isn’t there yet. Should have changed the title to “The Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones… Bose or Sony?”

praystation says:


TheChosenOne says:

According to the comments:
Sound – Sony
Comfort – Bose
Multi Device use – Bose
NC – Bose
Looks – Bose
Price – Depends…

Harley JONES says:

I hate how the sonys look


I have a iPad Pro 11” 1TB cellular model, I bring it with me everywhere. And it uses a USB-C too, so the Sony headphones have already caught my attention! I really want these headphones. Awesome.

Master Pieces says:

he was not talking, he was whispering u dck heads

Adam Madoukh says:

I have Sony MDR 1000X. It has excellent active noise cancellation in the plane with amazing sound.

Sahil Thakare says:


Mando R says:

Wished I could afford this in the ghetto so I don’t have to hear gun shots and helicopter blades all day

umesh kagade says:

bose 35

Mark Crowder says:

Sony killed it. I’m surprised you thought the Bose had better sound cancelling. To me, it was Sony, and it wasn’t particularly close.

Alexander Pennie says:

Sony. Hands down

Rafael H. Escobar says:


Unbox Therapy says:

Bose QC35 II (USA Link) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) –

Bose QC35 II (International) –
Sony WH1000XM3 (International) –

Isabellla _Grace says:

I have the sony one

Ernet says:

Are you here too ? 🙂 Im starting to look around me ;-))I thought you “care ” of phones only and there i use to watched your rev :-). Back to the bussienes…Nice rev. How many microphones to the phone calls does they have ? What is the quality of sound of incoming/outcoming calls ?

Dale Roodt says:

Bose. Check.

Elvisisalive says:

Why not ask people who fly what is the best, you douche-canoe?

Lex Matter says:

Here’s hoping the QC 45 fixes the mistakes done with the QC 35.

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