The Best Headphones? | Sennheiser HD 429 Headphone Review | Best Headphones under 100 Dollars!

Cheap & awesome headphones actually exist! Looking for the best cheap headphones? Then the Sennheiser HD 429 headphones are for you! They have a sleek & stylish look combined with awesome sound quality at an affordable price! What more could you want?

You can check them out here!

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Sennheiser HD 429: Specs
– Closed-back circumaural over-ear headphones
– 18Hz to 22kHz frequency response
– 32ohms nominal impedance
– 110dB sensitivity
– 3.5mm mini-jack
– 1/4in adaptor
– 3m cable
– 218g

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Hakim A. says:

is that you Moog from Mighty Car Mods?

Ask Fenn says:

I can’t believe you only have 100 subs, you make far better content than many other youtubers with way more subscribers! How long have you been doing yt? Keep it up!

titan H20 says:

the cable is removable! XD

Ward Huyskes says:


Dro1de1 says:

Can you seperate the cable from the earphones? so you can replace it.

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

I say foam-on-ear headphones are second most comfortable, but that’s just me. Velour over ear is 1st.

Have this model on “to buy” list.

Dat-Monsta - SK Content & More! says:

just picked some of these up for 29.99 brand new from eBay. feeling confident ! 😀

ByTheTimeYouHaveFinalyFinnishedReadingMyVeryLongNameIWouldHaveTookYourCookie says:

this or m40x?

Pixel Boss says:

Dude they are on clearance at office works for $50 now

Shubam Tandel says:

background music is too high

theillusionofbeauty says:

This review is near exactly the same as another review here on YouTube, which was uploaded three years ago… #plagarism

A1Slater says:

Nice Video Dude! Been looking for reviews for this heapdhones tho most are not that great

Brad Carruthers says:

I love the logo on the headphones they look so good. Nice review

James Rodgers says:

Are the HD 451 headphone better?

Raven Thes says:

Must buy! It’s $37.99 on Amazon!

TheMrminimario says:

Good video. Music is a bit loud though.

AlexsTechNGames says:

does it have 7.1 surround?

ViliTheVideogamer Siltamaa says:

I have had these for a year or two (i don’t like math) and i’m not dissapointed.

Robert Connor says:

How comfortable are this with someone with a large head? Size 7 1/2

Huntersgotayoutube says:

They don’t cancel sound you nincompoop, they’re open eared

Jordan Fagan says:

How do you not have more subs. You’re consistently pumping out higher quality content than most creators with over 1 million subs. I hope to see you grow big, you deserve it.

Cowman 38 says:

good vid

Generic Consumer says:

Your intro is going to give somebody a seizure

Boss Manaatti says:

Great video again! But I do disagree or I just have a different opinion on these headphones but eighter way I would have chosen Philips shp 9500 a million times over those HD 429. And shp 9500 coming in around 83 dollars (I mean I bought them in amazon on that price) and thus being cheaper than the HD 429.
Pads on the shp 9500 are the same size as the high end sennheisser HD 800. So the shp 9500 are extremely comfortable. And the sound is produced by 50mm neodymium drivers. Shp 9500 are easy to drive and they have amazing sound stage and clarity. But as being an open back design you might say that these are lacking base but these are very neutral headphones. But the shp 9500 are no way in any mean portable or any good anywhere else than at home or in a studio. And the sound leak is quite something. So home use I would defenetly pick shp 9500 and out door use maybe I would go with those hd 429.
Just saying that if you do a bit more reasearch you can find these amazing headphones under a one hundred.
Sorry for the long comment 😉

Raunak Sinha says:

Which one do you suggest M20X or this?

Ben Duong says:

Hd 429 s has a mic so I wud get those

carman 11 says:

Thanks, Tech3! Helped me out a lot. Definitely considering these.

Richard Parqx says:

Xiaomi Mi Quantie

HoldenMakok says:

Do they work for Pc? I need an answer fast.

Chaska Cox-Potter says:

Dang Tech^3 back at it again with the epic videos.

Lukas Netzker says:

I have the Sennheiser HD 439 and love them. They also have an additional 2m cable.

Andriy Komar says:

When my HD419s (which i got for about $40 on B&H) broke i sent them in to get repaired and was pleasantly surprised to find these were sent back due to discontinuation of the later pair. I am not disappointed.

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

Bruh it’s not sineheizer XD

Jan Christian Frodahl says:


LynxxLancer says:

Does the leather break after a year of usage?

Matthijs ja says:

Disfigure Blank is such a nostalgic bomb

Le Epic says:

how is the noise Isolation on them?
I mean if I wanna use them during class and blast my music, will the other students hear the sound coming out of the headphones?

Anas K. says:

What about the HD 439s? They are pretty similar but I like the look of that one better. Can’t decide.

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