Testing Out Amazon’s Best Seller Headphones – Cowin E7 Review!


COWIn e7: http://amzn.to/2BlXe2o

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ijarry says:

COWIN E7 vs cheapest beats head phones

Zeta Mate says:

1st view. 1st Like. 1st comment. Plz pin me

Nyx says:

review the Symphonized Wraith 2.0 headphones! (over ear) check these out i think theyre amazing for the price!

MusicMadnessHD says:

I do like these but mine have soooo much bass. Too much for what like listening to. For instance at the end of the video there are two sounds and it shook and rattled the speakers only at %60 volume. I then bought another pair of headphones which are a lot cleaner and nicer sounding (for me) with a cheaper price tag!

These are great for music that needs all low end, no highs or mids.

angel montes115 says:

Do they work for ps4

Rodrigo Ramirez says:

“I just turned them off; nice”

Piesho Nais says:

Loose that mustache. You look like a man.

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TheGrayWolf says:

Can you do a review on the Oucomi L1’s and compare the to these

Way A says:

Can you Pair them with computer (mac)? I can’t?

Zack Ledesma says:

“That’s deep.”

john smith says:

Dude, you totally look like a mid 20’s Tobias Funke

PlayEmUp 1 says:

Those headphones are bad, the range is so bad and the headphones can’t connect to your phone if the is something really thick between the phone and the headphones. But I like the 30 hour battery tho.

snowman animations says:

Can u review the monoprice 10594 graphic tablet. That would be amazing and its only 46 dollars

Mike Nayyar says:


Lacey Martin says:

Thanks for the review. I have hyperacussis so I’m not interested in anything but the noise canceling featrymure

FKR 5 says:

i love your mustache..nj

Oscar Paints says:

Please do a video on a gaming mouse called death adder it’s a cheap razer mouse

Arvind Loganathan says:

Bruh I see that brockhampton

MLGPRO806 says:

Mine are broken, the ear pieces are too loose so I had to glue them back

FiveSquaredYT 25 says:


Zangief Romanov says:

2:29 Oh yeah, Oo wow.

Grayden Louissaint says:

Can you please do a draw tablet review called gamon s56k

ZoMbiE0027 says:

Great video as always brotha!

Ryan Dunbar says:

will these pair with android i just keep seeing iPhone lol

2MuchAction says:

Just got it today it was my birthday present for Tuesday. They’re very cool and this helped me a looooot. I have a white one

Mom And Dad Phone says:

ayeeee brock hampton

Bruce Rheinstein says:

The E7 bass is muddy in non-noise cancelling mode (even when not maxed-out) and largely disappears in noise cancelling mode. Noise cancelling is only about 8 db compared with 30+ db for quality noise cancelling headphones. Sound quality is at best meh. The headphones, themselves, are heavy, and while the battery does seem to have some staying power, good luck wearing them for an extended period of time. You’re better off buying non-noise cancelling blue tooth headphones in this price range. If you want decent noise cancelling headphones be prepared to spend a lot more money. I bought a new pair of E7s through Amazon and regard it as a $50 learning experience.

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