Surface Headphones review: Better than Sony WH-1000XM3 or Bose QC35?

We compare the new Surface Headphones to Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35. With an outstanding design, easy to use features, clever auto-pause there’s a lot to like. Read:

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Titus Judah says:

First time viewer but won’t be watching another one of your videos and time soon. You’re full of bias. Meh.

P.I Pross says:

The channel is called Windows Central so we are dealing with a fan of Microsoft which means there is likely bias towards the Microsoft headphones.

And wtf u on that you don’t like the bose?
(p.s I’m not a bose fanboy, I have as many of their products as I do sony products and I’d say they are on par with each other, probably swaying towards sony for nostalgia)

Johnny Carmona says:

What did Bose do to you?

killafocker says:

fuck this video, why the fuck you even comparing the piece of shit to a sony or bose

Orlando Davies says:

Not considering Bose? I have them and.habe never wanted or needed anything more from daily music listening to all kinds of genres.

GhetRekted says:

SONY is not the bar JACKASS!! My NURA’s slam dunks ANY Sonys that you can come up with.

IClutchTooMuch says:

In conclusion the Sony’s are better in almost all categories

Lasse Schothorst says:

What is the song at 8:40 called? Shazam messed up again.. :p
I do think the Bose sound the most bright but it’s a shame there is not a lot of bass in them and no equalizer app. So I would go for the Sony out of these 3 headphones.

Angel Manuel Perez says:

So someone finally did this. I’ve been wondering for a while why true wireless headphones like the Jabra Elite 65t don’t use these touch controls instead of buttons that make the buds dig into your ear canal. Nice to know its possible at least.

Fadic4 says:

Sony are the best headphones! I own the xm3, the battery lasts for ever. Noise cancelling is the best and they’re very comfortable

Light Science says:

Looks like b&o made them

WolfRanger2008 says:

Was this suppose to highlight the features of the Surface Headphones or your personal rant against Bose? And understand I am not even a fan of Bose…Never trust the commentary of a Professional Microsoft Fanboy….

Nelson Fluckz says:

The design is so bad. Looks like kids headphones.

brett hardy says:

Daniel… Usually love your reviews. But seems like you were dead set against the Bose right from the beginning. I guess it’s your opinion and that’s ok. I have owned the Sony and currently use the QC instead, as I found them to be more comfortable with more enjoyable sound and better comfort. The Surface will be on my list to try once released in Canada.

Jaime Lee says:

this headphone copied samsungs touch gestures on its gear icon x 2018

Rene Schønbeck says:

The Bose has excellent wind resistance ANC. There are 3 ANC settings High, Low and Off.
High setting is for noisy environments and the settings that filters out the most noise. In windy environments this setting results in a “blowing in a microphone”-effect because of the ANC.
Low setting is for windy and quiet environments, and does not filter out all noise, but does remove the noise of wind completely.
Off is, well off.

h1a8 says:

Lol the Bose qc35 ii sounds significantly better than the Sony wh-1000xm3 (I have both). Anyone who says otherwise knows little about sound quality and shouldn’t be doing headphone reviews. The Sony is veiled in the midrange due to too much mid bass emphasis (it also lacks sub bass) and subdued low treble. The bass quality on the Bose is outstanding (flat bass that does not impede on the midrange and reaches deep). The soundstage of the Bose is larger.

The only negative about the Bose is the low treble can sound a little harsh on some tracks.

Alen Radolović says:

Cortana seems a little slow lmao did she had a stroke ?

Cormacca says:

I lost interest when you dismissed the Bose out of hand.

Benen Miller says:

The surface is too flat in the sound signature.

juan carlos says:

they look bigger than you

Curry Chicken says:

The price is laughable considering what microsoft giving you

Goffe says:

These are pretty much a knock off of the Bowers and Wilkins PX.

Vitor Gabriel says:

1 – But it supports Google Assistant?

2 – Bose Flat???? WHAT????

Derek Fleming says:

Id have no issues purchasing the Sony or Bose sets, ANC on both of those is substantially better than this set. Windows.. how many of us are integrated into windows and use Cortana, look at the market saturation.
If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in ANC- Sony, lightweight and comfort- Bose, and if you do require Cortana, I’d ignore these headphones and play Halo, it just works better.

Vladimir Nikolov says:

Surface headphones better than Sony and Bose. Are you kidding. Microsoft doesn’t know how to make headphones. All Microsoft products are buggy. You can see Windows 10 and Microsoft phones. They are full of bugs. Surface headphones are the same thing.

Eli Santana says:

You have no business reviewing headphones.

Felix Lamasia says:

Thanks for the information

Firepower says:

This is basically an ad for the 1000xm3 lol

Tommy Nguyen says:

Did Cortana say you’re in Worcester? WORCESTER MA?

HDHDHD Dhdhhd says:

Ewwww the cortana voice command was slow as hell, a comany like Microsoft should be ashamed to put this

Holo says:

Sony’s headphones are better than qc35 so there was no need to include the qc35

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