Studio Headphone Review: Sony MDR-7506
This lab-based review will focus on Sony MDR-7506’s qualities from a studio professional point of view – what to expect when using these headphones for mixing and mastering. Know the limitations of your equipment and you will be able to work around them. Otherwise you might end up with mixes that translate well on your gear but not outside your studio. This review will reveal what to keep in mind when using the MDR-7506 for critical studio work. Read the full text here –

Sonarworks is an acoustic calibration software development startup. For years, the company has been working with custom studio and headphone calibrations for awarded sound engineers. The technology behind measurement and calibration is a result of more than 3 years work and 1M USD investment in R&D. The headphone reviews are based on numerous measurements in our lab and feedback from our professional clients. More about our headphone calibration:


Jordan March says:

keep these coming!

TheChosenOne says:

I own a full set of HS series studio monitor (with sub) and the MDR-V6 and 7506 headphones. There is no excuse for monitors…you need them. The 7506 is good for listening to artifacts and sonic mistakes in the upper frequencies – things like breathe sounds, noise, clicks caused by plugins, or phasing issues. I USE The V6 headset to make sure that the lows aren’t too powerful – meaning, if it sounds muddy with the V6’s then I need to go back to the Yamahas and EQ. I USE the 7506 for the highs.

I am only sharing my experience that works for me. I am not condoning the use of these headphones or any others. Since I own the two legendary MDR series headsets I thought I would share how I use them both. Again, you NEED good monitors, THEN you use the headphones to check for MAJOR issues during the recording (if live) and throughout the mix. When I do use the headsets, I usually only use them for less than a minute – so very short use. Like I said, it’s just a check for major artifacts that you get from plugins and such. Anyone with at least some basic mixing experience knows exactly what I’m talking about.


Shoghi Shams says:

Nice review. What is your top 5 budget headphones for professional use?

Cheese_Tube says:

Is this headphone good for 4k porn?

DVKmusic says:

Hello! This headphones with plugin will enough for mixing? I have dt770pro should i sell them or i just need calibrate in you company?


lol, these headphones are awesome, does this guy have dog ears or something

Impercebivel says:

This is NOT a review. No review should ever criticize a product while publicizing another (which, seems to me, is your own software).
Please set your priorities straight. You either review or you advertise.
Don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t mean to say that the “review part” of this video was full of lies – not at all. But from the moment you start to take advantage of a product’s flaws so you can advertise your own, you lose all credibility.
Best of luck.

Crunchy says:

really useful thanks !

idan124 says:

this or shure srh440?

Michal Lech says:


Trevin Kurgpõld says:

Funny, my dad happens to have a pair of these, and they’re brilliantly accurate. I prefer them to my M40x, and I have a V6 on the way. This is basically just an ad.

Akshat Mehrotra says:

this is an amazing video. wish if the same can be done for AKG K240. Deciding to get these and perhaps can club them with reference. Or else which under $150 headphones are recommended to work with reference?

ThePhillharmonics says:

As a live sound engineer the concept of creating a truly flat frequency response is actually a highly debated topic in our field. Most of use use smaart for tuning our systems and is an invaluable tool but many engineers are failing to take into consideration the hearing ability of the average person. Most people have a higher sensitivity to low end frequency leveling out around 125hz with a dip around 2k-6k and increasing from there to about 10k. A system that is tuned to be perfectly flat will be perceived as bass heavy, with muddy high mids and shrill highs. I have heard it many times. How does this translate into studio recording?

Mariana Fernandes says:

Sorry for the stupid question, i am not an expert on headphones but.. Is it a good headphone for comum use? I mean, as a music lover i’ve been searching for a good headphone for a while and i first took a look at it because of it’s nice design, but i’ve found it a bit expensive and i’ve seen really good comments about some AKG ones. So, for comum use would your opinion be different?

Grim Aka Statik says:

review? seems like a bashing to me. These aren’t mixing headphones. these are closed back headphones. so why the fuck are you comparing these to mixes? these are track headphones. glad i know my shit, anyone who doesnt…dont listen to this guy.

Avery Mcguire says:

Why would you mix with closed-back headphones anyways?
(Edit) Why would you mix with headphones anyways?

Lance Pinya says:

Hey! You should do a comparison of various ~150-200€ range headphones for mixing & mastering and how balanced they are after/before calibration. I’d think that’s something most of us bedroom soundguys and girls are looking for..and there’s too many models in the range to choose from. For eg. What do you think of Sennheiser HD598 SE? Cheers!

Dj ElektroNik says:

Are Shure Srh 440 good for studio?

soundeng1 says:

I want to send in my sennheiser 650’s. I already own the software, how much, and what do I need to do?


Norman Rosario says:

Do you recommend me this Sony MDR-7506 for E piano? I searching good sound but not too expensive.

cool90764 says:

Or you could just use your computers in built equalizer, look on for the frequency response, and do an A B comparison instead of trying to give false responses in attempt to get people to buy your overpriced software…

IsoOtso says:

Would the 7506 be sufficient for listening to vinyl records?

I’ve been drooling over the Audio Technica LP120 + a headphone amplifier from Project, and since these have been praised to the heavens, then i’ve been thinking about buying this pair for that kind of listening.

xLOVExGODx says:

How much do you charge to calibrate these headphones?

Average time to complete the calibration?

UPRIZE says:

Sony MDR7506 or m40x?

biofear182 says:

Awesome review! Can you guys do a review on the Beyerdynamic DT Series? 🙂

el3xtrosky says:

Who here wants to see Beats by Dre get a review?

Greenleaf3791 says:

Thank you sonar works for this nice review. Have you done a review of KRK KNS 8400? They are in the same price range but have more extended low end and seem to be a go for among hip-hop producers. I’m struggling to decide between Sony MDR-7506 and KRK KNS 8400.

Angel Sedillo says:

are these good for studio use?

Brandon Le says:

fuck i did not understand a word he said

Shum says:

Akg k99 vs Sony MDR-7506 ?

LilyEvans1996 says:

I am torn between Sennheiser Momentum on ear or Sony MDR7506 for sound design. Please help!

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